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July 24, 2014



WTF, thundra??? :) Nice link!

FYI- I was curious if there was a Nat'l Thunder Day, but alas, there is not. Perhaps there's a Nat'l Thor Day. And no... you may NOT link to KISS...


Also too, my new home.

Are you floating???

fish has a plant. Isn't he special?

P.S. Did you know there was a tumbling speedra that does back flips, Jennifer?

I did not know, and really didn't want to know, but I do now. I just hope it's not large...

It's not. It's just so cool!

I won't post the video here. But I might have to at my place.

Did you know there was a tumbling speedra that does back flips, Jennifer?

Thundra has been following links to the 'Running Ponies' blog.

This is my second post in a week featuring spiders doing undeniably adorable things – dancing and cartwheels. It’s as if spiders know they have a reputation problem and have launched some kind of secret PR campaign to highlight their cuter, less-likely-to-give-you-skin-rot members.


Are you floating???



Saying Yes.

Indeed. :)

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