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April 06, 2014


that IS the one I was thinking of! Funny you thought it was (nearly) cute...I found myself wanting to pre-emptively surrender to our arachno-mechano overlords.

It had some serious dance moves... those work wonders on a woman's judgment...

the wiggling abdomen is the most disturbing.

But dancing is the way they lull you.

Good to see that Jennifer has a 'helping Jennifer' tag.

P.S. For the first time since I moved the bird feeders to their current location (way down the branch to the skinny part), SOMETHING figured out how to get at them and knocked both to the ground.

That bossanova beat makes up for a lot of sins.

I never dance with spiders. I am always stepping on their feet.

That bossanova beat makes up for a lot of sins.

Indeed... and is probably responsible for a lot of sins.

Now all we need is the Skwirl version for ZRM.

can i have backsies, ZRM?

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