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February 15, 2014


Lettuce not get rashes!

Pinko probably wants credit for a blog this month.

I agree! I want y'all to keep blogging. The rest of the internet is too insane. These blogs are an island of sanity. With emus!

These blogs are an island of sanity.
Some of us are entire continents. Or did the doctor say "incontinent"? I forget.

No he said an island of salinity.

Name a week and I'm in.

last week, fish.

OK, typepad is biased against zombies.

These blogs are an island of sanity.

Obviously, Mandos does not frequent the Empire.

but was thinking it would be fun, if somehow, for a week, we could all do it again.

If only we could find a media file, an old movie, say, that we could use as inspiration and coalesce around....

smart ass...

Something like The Goonies. That would be perfect!

We could review an old Bad Religion album.

or a NEW one! I like the way you're thinking, Friend Fish!

Whooops. Forgot to say, thanks for the linkys, Jennifer!

You're welcome, but don't get too excited... it's not like anyone is using this thing anymore.

As for that week, I plan on posting about speedras and panties and who knows... maybe even Rush!

Sadly, Netflix is no longer streaming Zed. Fortunately, someone gave me a DVD copy!

I could go all Bad Ronald on this thread all by myself. The robot is built and after an afternoon meeting, I am done for the week....

Hedgehogs at the Empire!

Two posts in one day. I feel YOUNG! And Pete Buck/ Alejandro escovedo tonight.

Yeah, old Blog City ain't what it was ... For me, I switched to Typepad and using photos to tell about what a tiny park looks like before the evil county gov. bulldozes it for commercial purposes. Nothing funny about it at all.

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