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October 09, 2013


Good to see you back on the t00bz!


How very fitting, right?

Looks like I can't comment on your posts either. Probably for the best, really....

Maybe you're a spambot that thinks you're Jennifer.

Only back briefly, BBBBBBBBBB.

Maybe I am a spambot. Let's see if this comment will go through...

Well what do you know... I found my missing comments, along with ZRM's, in the spam box. WTF? It's my own freaking blog and I get pegged as spam??

ZRM- your comments are now free to roam about the blog.

It's my own freaking blog and I get pegged as spam??

It is a sign from Dog.

Just means faux-meaty goodness.

You're not spam!

True... I am flesh and blood... I am real meaty goodness!

Funny seeing you here, Mdh... I was just bringing in the offspring of your begonias this morning as the nights are getting a tad cold. If they keep growing at the rate they are, we're using them for Christmas trees.

I can't comment on my blog either. I opened a help ticket w/Typepad and they did answer it, but by the time they did, I was too bored to even read what the solution is/was.

Spam folder!!!! Never thought to check that.

I'm in teh spam folder!!! I know it!!!


Let's all send Jennifer a whole bunch of cheap paintings from Goodwill!


BG! I just found your comments! What I love is obvious spam will go through, but mine get caught in the filter. ZRM was also in there again, but that's understandable. :)

I just leave comment moderation on now so the bullshit stuff isn't automatically put on the page, although I'm not sure it matters... this blog is pretty dead.

Typepad prompted me to join the forces... yet I have more forces in my mindosphere right now than I can ultimately calculate... besides, I believe I have landed on an alien planet... It just took me an hour to get into my old blog to find the link to your blog and now I see you can no longer comment on your own blog.... Yikes Stripes!!

Hi MJ! Yeah, Typepad seems to have its own mind these days. I had not been blogging, but then was just deluged with spam, no matter what kind of blocks I set up... then I get blocked! I thought if I put up a post, it might register as "active" again, or some insane thing, but I think I just need to make it password protected.

I would start a new blog and not tell anyone about it.

I think Grizzled might be interested in this article on the History of Salt in the Civil War.

I will pass it on!

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