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March 16, 2013


Or a bit less water...some canned can even add Philadelphia cream cheese, and whip it up in a blender!

Hahahaha, thundra... Fruit will not help it keep a nice cubed formation...

Over-thickened jello makes good zombie gore.

Pretty cool.

I make my own gore.

Fruit will not help it keep a nice cubed formation
How about vodka?

Vodka would certainly make it stiff...

I'm not thinking of ZRM's gore... all I can think about is Leslie's gore.

Now I'm thirsty.

Perhaps you can follow up with a partially full tequila bottle, a half lime, an overturned shot glass ( a big one) and a spill of salt.

Tequila brand?

I would say Patron, but it has to be one of the not-premium brands, so there's that lovely golden glow.... Hornitos, maybe, but that's a little paler than Cuervo.

That's what I was thinking. You need that golden color.

Vodka would certainly make it stiff...

The filthbots are stealing Jennifer's identity again!

Jennifer should paint more spiders. It would be cathartic. Trust me, I'm a doktor.

Ahem... if you will please consult your dictionary... and look at #3 under slang, you'll see what I was referring to.

I think anyone with any life experience under their filthbot belt knows that vodka, or too much of it, does not make it stiff.

Jennifer should paint more spiders. It would be cathartic. Trust me, I'm a doktor.

There are so many things wrong with this comment, I wouldn't even know where to start...

yeah, that's another thing Bimler's gotten rong.

stiffer jello can be made by adding some Knox to the Jell-O mix

Failing that, try some of that 55-gallon drum of lube.

I should ahem the doktor, because I was flogging that lube ONE WHOLE BLOG ago.

Updated version ZRM.

yeah, the CLASSIC version included a link to an iPod. Times were better, liquor was stronger, and bloggers were easier with the Zardoz.

Also, the original barrel of lube is only about 3/4 gone.

"There's always room for Jell-O" is not something you want to hear from a man equipped with an enema bag.

Mmm-hmm... and this is why we can't have nice things around here...

Is an enema bag the same as a cobag?

Very nice, Jennifer! #billcosbyapproved

Thanks BG. I've got a little tweaking to do, but otherwise, did what I set out to do... just playing with translucence and reflections. Glasses and more glasses are up next. Reflections are like riddles.

Reflections are like riddles.

Pretty cool. Love the reflections in this piece. Especially in the spoon. Also, I really like the color in the lower left, the lavender/blue/hint of yellow. :)

Notes to self for next time: Need stiffer Jell-O... need different lighting.

it's almost as if you are trying to learn and grow, J!! (sorry anti-bat bait there.) xoxo

Not dead yet! :) Just trying to reconnect with what was once enjoyable.

Jello is always enjoyable.

As is tequila.

There's always room for tequila. :)

Tequila mockingbird, he booed radly.

Or a bit less water...some canned can even add Philadelphia cream cheese, and whip it up in a blender!

You been hanging out with Mormons, old chum?

You got to watch out for them. Next thing you know, that expensive ale you're enjoying on the slopes is "near beer".

But they do get some nice snow.

Spring is sprung,
The grass is riz

Jennifer! For your afternoon dance party!!

p.s. I will join you long distance. :)

HAHAHAHAHA! I needed that! I loved the lady on stage!

Also, I'll have you know I did get up and dance in front of my computer... right in front of the window. My neighbor will now think I'm crazier than she already does. :)

Thanks, BG!

Hmmm. I left a comment earlier but it got all eaten up by the cyber aliens, I guess!

Tilda called it a Spiritual Service! And woo-hoo, wasn't it, tho?! Made me cry.

Don't know the backstory but I'm thinking it was to celebrate Mr. Ebert. What a great thing. :)

Happy Mother's Day, Jennifer!

Thanks, BG! I hope you had a good one!

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