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February 04, 2013


I know who didn't say it:

Theda, the Notorious D.A.W.G.

Squirrels are important.

My dawgs now mentally flip me off when I make the squirrel noise and put unsalted peanuts on the windowsill, or... pull one from my pocket when outside.

Beege. No doubt in my mind.

Squirrels are important. terrorists and Republicans.



FYI- captcha was...

Encountering nnutdyou. Who said squirrels could spell???

Squirrels are Creed fans. Every last nut-muching one of them.

It is about Capt. Trollypants, but I don't know who wrote it.

We chase the squirrels, every change we get.

It's good clean fun.

What is this "job at hand" of which you speak?


Pinko may be correct.

ZRM- you and the squirrels are just going to have to agree to disagree.

Someone who spends down time vacantly staring at a wall, slack jawed, brain making the kind of ticking noises you hear when an engine's cooling down? A person with the best intentions in the world and absolutely, positively no way of making any of them come true?

I feel insulted.

For some reason a Far Side cartoon comes to mind. You know the one. The caption is "Andrew, go out and get your grandfather. The squirrels have got him again."

Update: Everyone is still wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Keep guessing.

I think it was Truculent and Unreliable. i say this because I am, also.

Filly Cob Logger?

it was that jerk billy pilgrim.


No... and no...

Please have this person make an appointment with me. He/She/It/Bird is to be studied for the benefit of all humanity. *puffs pipe*

It can't be Snag. Not enough bourbon or meat.

It was Brando. He is inking the water now.

I wish I could go that many words without swearing or referencing genitals.

George W. Bush's personal secretary?

Yeah... I loved her blog. Whatever happened to her??

fish strikes me as properly passive aggressive. The whole "one word zardoz comment" thing pretty much indicts him.

If, that is, I could remember who fish is.

You mean who fish was. He's a has-been.

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