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February 01, 2013


Is that Tom Brady?

Thudner is banned

Is that Tom Brady?

I think the brain would have lit up more if fish were thinking of Tom Brady... and it probably would have grown hair.

taunting fish?

What year IS this?


Apparently someone ripped a hole in the time-space continuum. Oh well... maybe my blog will stay there. Saying yes to 1992 all day, everyday!

hey, in 1992 I had a job. It was working for a Nazi, but the checks nearly always cleared.

Thudner is banned

Posted by: fish

Gotta have a blog before you can bring the banhammer, fishie.

this one I think is even cooler...

Gotta have a blog before you can bring the banhammer, fishie.

He's got a point, fish...

this one I think is even cooler...

Ooooh! Trippy! It is cool, but I feel for the fish that is immobilized for our entertainment.

You know what I think would be cool?? If science could make teeny tiny whales! You know?? I mean, so small, you could keep them in an aquarium. How about that Dr. Science? Hmmm??

As you would expect, Riddled scholars are leaders in whale research and can report that miniaturization processes for whales have been successful, for a while. Then things have tended to go horribly wrong in a non-returnable, no-responsibility-accepted manner.

Notice that he has opted for the "Deluxe Package", which involves three sex-workers rather than two. The one on the ladder is not good with slipknots so he has been put in charge of the dirty talk.

Oh dear...

If science could make teeny tiny whales!

Ira Flatow knows how to do it.

You mean, Ira- Buck Laughlin- Flatow...

But who was that other guy??? The one who said to breed them instead?? The name escapes me. Oh well... probably a nobody.

No one I know.

Okay, I swear I am not lying. The WV was: SCIENCE

I've been feeding the captcha monster lots of fish. They say it's brain food. It appears to be working.

captcha has become self-aware.

At least captcha is...

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