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February 11, 2013


...and I can't vent as well as I should.

I've been having this problem, too!

I knew someone would go for that line. Thundra wins the Frist! prize....

Thank you, thank you.

I have a number of draft posts about things that annoy me, but I can finish them. Because...

Or can't...

"tweak the fork" is great. Have no idea what brilliant definition your readers will come up with! But! I love it, whatever it could mean.

I *love* that painting! If it's for sale, I will buy it. How much?

use soem eff words, thndr. Works for me.

Nice job on the glass, Jennifer.

I love the egg. It looks so very eggy. It has the egginess attribute turned on. It is [[EGG]], the underlying conceptual denotation of egg.

BG- I would love to sell it to you, but it's already spoken for and when it's finished, will be on its way to a new home. Doing the egg was fun though. If I do another one, you can have first stab at it. Also, has the Skimmer tried the water miscible oils? I can't remember if uses oils or acrylics. If he uses regular oils, he might want to give these a try. The clean-up is wonderful... so is the near absence of fumes.

Thanks, ZRM. I like glass, plus the egg white, being all refractory... is also like glass.

LOL @ Mandos! I'm glad that came across.

It's eggselent!

Glad it's going to have an eggselent home (stolen from thunder and such as, fork tweaker that he is) !

has the Skimmer tried the water miscible oils?

I do not know but I will ask him. If I had to guess I'd say no b/c of the fumes that come out of the basement when he's painting.

I like the fumes.

I suppose you would... since you seem to be that type that likes that "nail pounded through your eyeball" kind of guy. :)


....was that a smiley? he asked suspiciously.

W:)a:)s:) w:)h:)a:)t:) a:) s:)m:)i:)l:)e:)y:)? :)

The Skimmer said he's heard of the paints but hasn't tried them yet.


I held up my laptop and showed him your painting:

"Isn't it awesome?!"

He said, "It IS awesome! She painted that?"

"Yes. I offered to buy it."

"It's great."

He neglected to say It's eggselent, but then again, he's not as cool as us!!

type that likes that "nail pounded through your eyeball" kind of guy.


W:)a:)s:) w:)h:)a:)t:) a:) s:)m:)i:)l:)e:)y:)? :)

I:(rri:(ta:(ble:( vo:(we:(l sy:(ndro:(me:(.

Really fantastic. The detail of the spilled pepper is such a great touch.

just saw the painting-really quite lovely....
this is an unforgivable comment- but i think the fork just lays there. as painting it's swell, but the drawing flattens out in a way that fails to define the corner imho. what i would try, if it was
my fork, would be to bring the two lower(tynes)together more
to emphasize the sweeping shape and possibly strengthen the bend at the neck of the fork.
i find that the new oil-water paints do a job on my brushes btw they never get truly clean and soft after one use.

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