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February 12, 2013


You MUST take a picture of a peanut-beggin' squirrel in the window with the underpants next to him.


I was already planning on it thundra! But... I need to clean the window first. There are eight thousand squirrel footprints on it.

Tell them to wipe their paws!

on their underpants. Because squirrel mothers don't teach hygiene.

Who got the mail in? Because that had to be kinda funny too.

Grizzled did. He asked what I ordered from Archie McPhee's? I said I hadn't ordered anything since the holidays when I got a nephew something. I suggested maybe it was a catalog or something since it was in a large, flat envelope. Sometimes if the mail production line eats a catalog or something, they package it and resend it. Anyhow, I told him to open it. When he pulled them out... I KNEW! :)

Also, thank you. :)

yeah, I kind of telegraphed that one. I LOLed when you posted the link a couple of hours after I placed the order.

Sadly, Archie McPhee's charges for out-of-US delivery are prohibitive.

they do not have Squirrel Panties, though...


My brother suggested soaking peanuts in whiskey...

That sounds like an excellent idea.

...wait, did he mean to give to the squirrels?

THIS squirrel is staring into my soul ALSO!


"Thou dost". Harumph.
You can't even rely on grammarzombies to pick up the errors anymore.

Did you lose sleep, bimler?

Squirrels in your pants
squirrels in your pants
lookin like a fool
with those squirrels in your pants

they do not have Squirrel Panties, though...


You can't even rely on grammarzombies to pick up the errors anymore.

Jennifer gets a mulligan. She's got squirrels to weasel into those little tiny BVDs.

Also, motto of the Empire: We disappoint EVERYONE!

lol @ Brando and fish

We disappoint EVERYONE!

I believe this is also my motto at painting class... Speaking of which, I must gird my mental loins.

Thanks for the mulligan.

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