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February 25, 2013


Nope, sorry, the dryer saps those small items of their will to live.


Only if you're hoping the underpants will rise...

Only when the socks start thinking of me, thundra! I'm tired of being their matchmaker when they don't seem to care. You want you sole mate?? Try sticking together... or if opposites do attract, society needs to lighten up on those who wear mismatched socks... mmm-hmmm!

Only if you're hoping the underpants will rise...

Oh dear...

I am sure the Family Research COuncil will not be amused by your same-socks agenda, Jennifer.

True, they deplore homosoxuality.


Did you know I got socks for Xmas?

They were golf sox, with many other golf gifts, so totally cool with me.

Anywho, one of the socks disappeared IMMEDIATELY.

But a month later, I found it behind the washing machine.

How can you make everything smell like socks if you don't keep the socks in?

And how do you get your own seat on the bus?

Strangely, this excuse did not work with the IRS last year.

LOL just think of the leftovers as trainers. They will train the new laundry in how to dry properly in a dryer.

Sheldrake's Morphic resonance and all that...
It's the 100th Sock-monkey Effect.

From what I've witnessed about public transportation and getting your own seat... a big urine stain is the most effective tool.

Yes, Kathleen! Plus! I just heard some tidbit about how a load dries faster if there is a dry towel put in with it... I will assume the same will work for my random socks, derwear, a t-shirt...

"It's the 100th Sock-monkey Effect.":


bimler thinks he's SO clever....

Strangely, this excuse did not work with the IRS last year.

The other half of the money disappeared... just be patient and wait a few months, I'm sure it will turn up behind the washing machine.

There are certain garments which I always "air dry", and others which I will often allow to finish drying on hangers. Being a guy, I wash everything together in cold water and almost never set the dryer for more than an hour.

Now here comes the real deep down confession... sometimes I "wash" things in the shower by hitting them with some dish soap and using my feet to "agitate" the water. Yeah, I picked up some "frugal" habits in college, why do you ask?

LOL! I will confess to have occasionally doing emergency laundry (just a piece or two) in the dishwasher and then drying in the oven.

Total bachelor move, BBBB.

I've never done that one.

I did that in Egypt. A sink and shampoo were lifesavers, and drying was nearly instant.

I present for the delectation of you and your children, the Peepal conclave.


And, for some reason, it the combo of "confession" and "Peep" made me think of Peepfession, which made me think of the Peefessional

Habemus Peepem!

do you know what is delicious? salami.

I'm just sayin' ahem, mandos and that's all, no malice or nuthin'.
We is in a drought that is hotter than a pepper sprout in New Zild. Sad for the farmers but clothes dry soooo quickly.

Sorry about the drought, AK. Weather seems to be all cray-cray these days.

AK: I wondered what you were on about and then looked at what you had linked to in the post I commented on, but actually seriously, I got to the Peep link from another route, not Riddled.

No worries Mandos, it's a big tent on the interwebs.

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