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January 15, 2013


Jesus Christ is Gun.

"snacks you'll never eat again"? Isn't that Delicious or Disgusting?

Isn't that Delicious or Disgusting?

I thought the same thing.

EL is a national treasure.

EL is a national treasure.

It takes a peach to know a peach. :)

EL is a national treasure.

Sick, do I get to put that on applications?

"Doctor-Scientist-Mastermind-Mr. Pinko Punko has declared this child a certifiable National Treasure. All institutions should immediately accept her applications without question. The rest of yous can get with it or get at it."

I am Pinko Punko, and I approve this message!

I am Snag, and I approve this message too! Also, bacon. And bourbon.

I will accept candy to stop an argument.

Substance sounds like my youngest.

Candy and liquor are both acceptable bribes.


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