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January 21, 2013


I could make the most juvenile joke that my stepfather made 9 million times in his life.... but I'll spare you!! :)

You could be the Midas of Mucous.

I don't think this blog is dead yet...

it's feeling better....

This blog is merely suffering the reflexes caused by the onset of rigor mortis.

...and a jaunty dance number.

As one who laboured in the mucous mines known as "Daughter Kiwi goes to Crèche" I wish you luck, I fear that supply might vastly exceed demand however.

I will mock the Mucous Mines of Morefluia:

I did not get a flu shot this year (no healthcare coverage, woohoo!). I have not (yet) gotten the flu, or even a cold.

I got the flu... did not get a shot, but Grizzled did. He also got the flu... and now we have some heinous cold thingie. I blame the fact that I had to hug and kiss about 8 million people a couple of weeks ago.

I fear that supply might vastly exceed demand however.


the thing about flu shots is that it is always for LAST YEAR'S variant. This year is a new bugger, so flu shots are kinda useless.

I thought they had said they guessed rather well this year as to what they thought was coming.

Also, I seem to recall them picking depending on what flu the Southern Hemisphere had during their winter, not what we had the year before. Still, it's not 100% accurate as we all too well know. I blame bimler... AK is innocent.

Gak is back!

hope you feel better! I haven't been able to get a flu shot this season, and even though I've been sick like 5 times, I still feel like THE FLU is around the corner waiting to get me.

The flu is coming to get you, Barbara Kathleen...

thndr! Zombie!

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