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December 10, 2012


Snag is Belgian?

I have no idea what Snag is, other than weeping, as I told him about the towers o' bourbon...

FYI- there was no "Duvet" bourbon.

as I told him about the towers o' bourbon...

You've got a cruel streak.


So thirsty ....

I recently had a brew from your neck of the woods... delicious!

What was it?

Did the geese make it? So it's more of eggnog thing. 4B is a bit obsessed with egg nog and it's detrimental effect on democracy and such

I recently had a brew from your neck of the woods... delicious!

Now a branch of Budweiser.

What is this place and who is Jennifer???

You're starting to sound like Admiral Stockdale...


FYI- there was no "Duvet" bourbon.


Snag likes bourbon that makes you sleepy... not bourbon you sleep with.

Pressies for Snag! And me for that matter....

Zelmo got me a bottle of that. I have been waiting for bourbon-friendly friends to visit, but such has not happened. I suspect I will not be able to hold out much longer....after all, drinking season is upon us....

Grizzled opened some Four Roses:small batch, the other night, that someone had given him. It was tasty. I suppose he may have been waiting for a bourbon-friendly friend, but then he realized he married one!

I wouldn't know....

How many Snags does it take to brew barrel?


brew A barrel.

I blame Michael McDonald.

I was wondering what Brew Barrel was...

What's Rush?

Radio Squawk Show host, J.

What's Rush?
Poppers from the sex shop.

Just wanted you tonknow I was thinking about you

Thanks, K! I hope it wasn't when you saw the wolf spider in your sink!!! :)

oh you'll see......

Merry Happiness!

Happy New Year! mmm beer. I miss drinking.

I may never have a chance to miss it.

Happy 2013!

Merry Happy to everyone as well!

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