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November 09, 2012


She's been in the House for 14 years. I doubt Mr. Plastic's 2 years of experience in obstructing legislation is going to tell her anything she doesn't know.

I hope she nut-punches him.

That's an awesome comeback. It's always nice to see a moron made to look even stupider.

Math is hard.

That's an awesome comeback.

Nutpunches are often useful.

Actually, though, RonJo is just clumsily repeating OrangeMan's stance: "Now that you've beaten us like rented mules, it seems clear that your best choice is to agree with everything we want."

But but she's a girly! She shouldn't be worrying her pretty little head about this stuff.

I thought of you when I saw that...

He was nicely offering to mansplain it.

No history of salt? NOT DOIN IT RITE.

Are these facts true facts?

Don't confuse me with the facts.

If there are facts in the vicinity, RonJon has them taken out and shot.

Your capcha is flipping out, J. It just gave me a CLOSE PARENTHESES. With no opening one, there are NO RULES. I was unsure if I should try it with or without, and spent fifteen minutes typing it, then deleting it, then walking around the desk worrying if I was doing it rite. I NEED THIS EXPLAINED TO ME.

Your capcha is flipping out, J. It just gave me a CLOSE PARENTHESES. With no opening one, there are NO RULES.

I got a 1/4 the other day, but the right third and left 1/3 were removed... I was trying to think of what did you get if you had 1/3 of 1/4, and then remembered it was capcha, not a math test.

Also... my spell check is back to checking in Spanish. All I see are words underlined in red.


But that was Helpful Zombie being Helpful, not Explaining Zombie.

But the capcha wasn't telling me to math it up! My brain was!

I'll take help any day. :)

Heh. I left a comment thread hanging at comment number 99 a couple of days ago, with a fishy taunt.

Apparently he really is dead this time. He's been squared off and fried into a Filet O' Fish.

Which is odd, because I did not know he was from the Irish family O'fish.

Apparently he really is dead this time.

Did you stick him in the freezer just to be sure??

It MUST be the beginning of the zompocalypse. EVERYONE is dead.

Those Zombie bastards were supposed to let me know....

It MUST be the beginning of the zompocalypse. EVERYONE is dead.

Is there an echo in here?

Is there an echo in here?

I would like to hear more Explaining from Adidas Porsche Design. I am interested in their new learning. Perhaps they have a website, or a newsletter to which I could subscribe?

All quiet on the Midwestern blog front.

Had a guy pull the Explaining Voice on me today in an email. About resistors and capacitors. I larfed to myself, and told him he Explained it Well.

And then tomorrow, going to Robotics and will be pulling Explaining Voice all afternoon, as well as Tae Kwon Do Voice on an as-needed basis....

I hope I remain as glad as I am now that I voted for Baldwin when she first ran.

I would pay to see her nut punch Boehner.

I think Nancy Pelosi has dibs on that, Chuckles.

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