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October 26, 2012


So. Awesome.

Thundra is banned from my dead blog.

That speedra-dog needs Ray Bans, come to think of it.


Bad! Bad, bad speedra dog!

Your daughter must sue.

Also... Photo lifted from FB...

Do you not have drag-&-drop techology for the Bad Ronald glasses?


Jennifer, I saw an awesome pumpkin spider photo. It's not scary, it's pretty. Do you want to see it? Or would it scare you?

I wouldn't know if it would scare me or not. There are "cute" Halloween spiders where I work and I'm still pretty sure those are going to come to life and turn evil...

Ok, I won't show you the pretty one.

Look at this tho!!


That's cute!

I would try dressing Mrs Spat in a costume like that but then I would die.

Presents for Jennifer!!

No beer for bimler for at least a week.

hmmm...someone's overdue for a trip to the dog-groomer.

Daveminnj! I was wondering about you the other day. Are you safe?? Dry?? I hope so.

That's not our pooch, but yes, the dog does look like it needs some grooming...

Do you not have drag-&-drop techology for the Bad Ronald glasses?

That's a proprietary technology from McGravitas Industries.


It's like The Thing meets Awwwwwww!

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