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September 19, 2012


I do love how the auto-play on the Science Friday video sounds like a heartbeat.

Blog blog what is blog?

Nothing perks up a blog like a good Zardozing.

Oh... I don't know. I'm coming up on the 6 yr. blogoversary. I'm thinking maybe blog years are similar to dog years... maybe even more. It could be time for the assisted blogging home for the old gray mare. :)

Fish's methods are unsound, Jennifer.

Oh honey bunny... you're preaching to the choir... but... possibly dead is still possibly dead. :)

the assisted blogging home for the old gray mare

Jennifer wants cob-loggers!!!

ZRM is not responding to skwirl-related provocations. Gonna send him this link next:

Are you posting them on his many blogs?

Maybe this blog needs to bleep more.

I recommend some nice animated GIFs.


. possibly dead is still possibly dead. :)

you rang?

TBogg just hit ten years, and he decided to keep going.

Jess sain.

And he's never even been Zardozed.

yeah, that auto play has been driving me buggy.

I just dug out my archives to first post on my first blog was nearly 8 years ago.

But then, I have a lot of issues. Hell, I have a subscription.

But then, I have a lot of issues

You??? Nooooooo.

Yeah, I've tried to change the code on that video, but there's no altering it. I figured I'd post enough to get it off of the front page, but noooo, I can't even manage that. Oh well, now it kind of works.

Animated GIF? Are there non-animated ones?

Hey, I heard that fish started a new blog.

You should do more Rush-blogging, Jennifer. Things would pick up then.

Delapsus resurgam!

I bet Jenifer and fish have started co-blogging. It's the simplest explanation.

Pinko's in on it too. I mean, IF he exists.

You wanna be a boss, Bimler?

I knew the 10CC reference would not pass unnoticed.

yeah, I can ignore the skwirl crap, but I'm easy on junk like that.

....huh. Jon Stewart channeled a little bit of Olberman tonight. check out the "Chaos on Bullshit Mountain" clip once it's up.

In retrospect, I should have used the 'sinking our milk teeth into their thighs" line.

Hey, I heard that fish started a new blog.

Yeah, it's called Moneybox over at Slate.


Thanks for getting me to look up fishyglesias' blog.





Yeah, it's like none of the bloggerhood is even alive anymore. Pinko, fish, Brando, Kathleen, Chuckles, Von, Glue Birl...of course, AG, KWB are long-gone...

I'd go back to Sadly, No, to see if I could find a new like-minded batch of people, but the people there are SUCH assholes. (shut UP about me fitting in).

I will probably just go back screaming into the void on my own. It's worked for me.

Of course, in the end, we all have to face the void on our own.

Oddly, I feel like I have even more to write about than ever before. And I have drawerings to do, and have unpacked the guitars again....

I recognize that this will discombobulate many of you.

Oh, I've got stuff to put up, but just don't feel like it.

Interestingly, the plans for the Blogging Compound pretty readily convert to a Brain Farm....

See? I discombobulated Jennifer.

Discombobulating Yes.

ZRM broke the internet!

I haven't felt much like blogging lately either.
I don't know if I'm in a slump or if I just don't want to devote the time anymore.

I'm sure we'll all get our mojo back eventually. ;)


You could make a new post called "That Blog???"

Hey, I wrote two posts this summer! I am indeed alive! Or was when I wrote them.

I still wrote posts in my head all the time. Does that count?

Um: "write"

Blue Zombie in a .... is it gonna be a Blue State again this year?

I still wrote posts in my head all the time. Does that count?

Only if you make typoos in them.

HA HA ZRM misspelled 'Typhoo'.


At least I didn't eff up the lonk.

Typepad effed up the lonk.

Turns out that I am locked out from commenting on 3B. Now *there's* a problem that no-one else has ever experienced...

Not so, hdb (IF that is your real name!).

I don't think there is a problem in this universe that someone hasn't had at Three Bulls!

perhaps bimler is unable to math properly.

It wasn't a particularly crucial comment -- not like the ones I leave here! -- so I didn't persevere. Merely acknowledging the absence of woodcuts.

WHA??? No woodcuts??? How could that BE????

Also, I may have to post a photo of a piece of fruit I bought yesterday. It reminded me of a narwhal sans horn.

Produce could pull this blog out of a coma, if only for an instant.

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