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September 09, 2012


Mr. H seems to be trolling for a smudgey.

Perhaps he Needs to be nominated for this site.

Dog verdict: GUILT!

P.S. Theda was thinking about squirrels, which tend to be around that part of the road.

P.P.S. Those hummingbirds sure make it tough to take their pics, don't they?

the coffee-drinking human
Admit it -- you spend your day hovering around the house sipping nectar from a feeder, don't you.

Stop. Spying.

Also, let me add... before someone calls the SFPCA, there are glorious fleurs right beneath this tacky-ass feeder... Bright reds and purples, full of natural nectar. I also make my own hummingbird heroin... Boiled water w/cane sugar... no fake coloring.

The hummingbirds that drop by my sister's place look in the windows before drinking out of the feeder.

One more thing: Just spotted at Tres Toros:

Words of Wisdom

I will, however, wash my hands, regardless of what that squirrel-loving pervert says.

-zombie rotten mcdonald

OT... at least as far as squirrel-loving perverts are concerned, but not OT as far as animules... we had a HUGE-ASS raccoon in our backyard last night, messing with a HUGE bird feeder. The weasel finally came back and took down the feeder and dragged it off. I had to go retrieve it from about 15 away this morning. Sunflower seeds (oilers) don't strike me as being the raccoon midnight feast of choice.

Hummingbirds are pretty territorial. The Desert Museum in Tucson has a hummingbird aviary and the poor things just zip around hassling each other.

The most I've seen around our place is 2, with one dominating. I have seen them zipping back and forth, looking like they're playing tag, but fortunately, they have maybe a little more open space than in an aviary. I wonder how my space a hummingbird needs to not feel like another presence is impinging on its territory??

ZRM- I did not see the dog-shaming link at first! LOL!

Lucifer needs a bit of shaming today.

I've got a pretty nifty speedra - Appalachian Tiger Swallowtail pic.

Speedra was on top of the flowers, waiting for some lunch, and the butterfly comes along and goes "I'm way to big for you, I'm just going to nom nom nom on this flower".

Speedra: "Well, that's a good point."

I saw this link and thought of ZRM:

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