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August 31, 2012


I am not at the controls either! Big political post up at my joint, started in on the office rum, and Rory and I are going to see Kelly Hogan tonight!

I take it you know this.

The thing on the left was satisfying but I want the thing on the right.

I did know that, but it was really nice to hear again. :)

I LOVE the thing on the right... and have since I was a girl.

I wrote about its control over me here and here

Big Star is ALWAYS appropriate.

These folks unfortunately don't have a list of flavours on their site, but an image search shows off some.

These guys are awesome.

These controls. Are they set for the heart of the sun?

These guys are awesome.

For a moment I thought I'd been there but no: it was some other place nearby. San Francisco is great.

Once in a Blue Moon...

I took some pics, don't know if they came out. The moon is tricksy. (Especially when the screen on the camera doesn't work anymore.)

O.K., who is in charge of this blogue?

I can't let you post that comment, Thundra.

"This prevents automated programs from posting comments."

Word-verf and I have an arrangement.

Oh HAL... how you mock us. Forbidding us to do what we want to do.

Also, word-verf knows you're a barley pop hound. I'm sure word-verf is sending you digital brews to make you do its bidding. Who's really in charge, HAL? Hmmmm?

Apparently word-verf has switched to vodka as my last word was Absolute. WV merely added the e to throw me off. What next?? Gray Goose?? Belvedere?

My next word-verf was

thefeesh twentieth

Perhaps that's FISH 2000

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