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August 19, 2012


Chew on a B-day Eve stick!

Doesn't he look glorious and happy??? The thing that gets me is we were playing with another toy, a purchased toy,and one he likes, but the sticks always win out. It's like giving a child a wonderful toy and then them playing with the box it came in. :)


The canines in this family have been getting spoiled with bones.

Wow... I can smell the smokiness way over here...

Also... I do NOT find it humorous that word verf gave me "fifty" as a word...

It's already Jennifer's birthday in NZ!! I will celebrate for you!

PS Word verf offers me "Analysis".

It's already Jennifer's birthday in NZ!! I will celebrate for you!


Now while I'm in NO HURRY to cross the decade barrier, that did make me smile. Have a zillion beers, OK???

Word verf is wise.

Oh wait, it's Monday morning, isn't it??? Maybe you should not have a zillon beers. Or... maybe that's what we all should do on Monday mornings.

Well, if you say so, J.

Dogs are so unhygienic. For all he knows, a *child* might have been chewing on that stick before.

I never thought I'd say this, but who cares about DOGS??? What I really want to know is, are you drinking beer???

I am, Jennifer.

I figured I better get an early start on tomorrow morning.

If only I had some Magic Shell to pour on my beer...

Magic Shell on beer... :-P

Maybe on passionfruit beer?

dogs like beer too.

thumnder doesn't seem to know how Magic Shell works.

I learned everything I know about Magic Shell from Three Bulls!

Happy Birthday, Jennifer! I dont think i'll be having any beers, but I have been invited to some Eid Feasts - which should give me a food coma grade 2 at least :)

aif!! Thank you. Happy feasting!

Drinking beer now and opening your presents.
Don't worry, we'll put the paper back on and they'll be as good as new.



Happy Birthday Bat-Lady!

Thank you! I was going to ease my entry into batdom with a soothing beverage this morning, but alas, awoke to find that the Riddled crew, having a jumpstart of my b-day due to that whole "time zone" thingie... had already emptied the liquor cabinet AND took the presents!

Dragonflies at Audubon:

Birding and butterflying have long been popular. With the advent of easy-to-use field guides and common, colorful names like neon skimmer and thornbush dasher, the pursuit of dragonflies and damselflies is finally taking off.


Neon Skimmer?

Doesn't beege know that guy?

Shhhhhh!!! He likes to keep the neon part kind of quiet.

thunder, it seems that you will soon have a whole bunch of new butterflies to search out.

keep the neon part kind of quiet.

Neon Part?

wait, what?

Neon Part : Neil Peart

thunder, it seems that you will soon have a whole bunch of new butterflies to search out.

Now he needs some Magic Shell.

I got some butterflies, and it looks like they were seeking Magic Shell. Or mud.

I hope Jennifer is getting all Geschtunked and comes back to make comments.

Bonus points if she uses a Kindle to do it.

I got some butterflies, but an hour later I was hungry again.

Maybe you should have put Magic Shell on them, zrm.

Freakin Magic Shell You don't scare me!

Happy birthday J!

"Lasts 5 seconds"

I got some butterflies, but an hour later I was hungry again.

The blood is the life!

Happy birfday!

Magic Shell on beer... :-P

How about making little "cups" out of Magic Shell, and drinking Bailey's out of them?

Somehow I have not yet ended up on the AARP mailing list! Woo-hoo!

Well, I guess one of your readers is likely to rectify THAT.


How are you today, Jennifer? Feeling any different?!

Jennifer is signing up for her own painting class today.

zrm with the low blow.

did you ever see a dog who picks up a stick that is more than 3 feet long, and happily tries to trot through a door with it?

However, Some dogs do not give up so easily.

No shit...

yea, there I go careening over the line again.


I remember that Gus video!

However, Some dogs do not give up so easily.

Like *you've* never tried to ski through a revolving door.

I do recall a time when I had to take the dreaded Greyhound bus somewhere and had a huge drawing pad with me. I was seated in the back, but when I got up to leave, did not get my drawing pad situated just right and managed to smack every seat/head on both sides of the aisle simultaneously. Fortunately I did remove my skis before exiting.

I haven't taken the dreaded Greyhound in so long I can't remember.

When you were a kid, it wasn't so bad...everything was roomier!

I was in college when I took it that time. I think that was the only time I took it. Once was enough.

I took the bus from NYC to Atlantic City a number of times after collage.

Those were nicer buses, though. (At least when they didn't crash and kill people.)

That's often desirable in a bus, thundr

to be clear, I meant it is often desirable that buses don't crash and kill people.

I ws commenting from my phone at Five Guys. Frankly, I am surprised I could manage the capcha at all.

Was the capcha ketchup and mustard?

I guess the way I put that, it follows that it is sometimes desirable for buses to crash and kill people.

I don't think anyone can argue with that.

Sounds like you're talking about a "legitimate" crash...

Dammit! My damn spell check is in Spanish again! Someone remind me where I change this. I thought there was an option before commenting, but now can't find it! Grrrr.

Are you hoping someone will explain this for you, Jennifer? he inquired innocently.

No Hablo Inglés, J.

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