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July 10, 2012


Dear Spiders;


Sincerely, Boyfriend.


Eldest Lamblet is a genius.

Just to clarify, the top photo was lifted from FB, but EL did do the bottom one long ago.

I have no idea why, but TypePad is showing me that 95% of my words are misspelled... WTF?? Lifted should be "difteria"... Yeah, that makes sense.

Difteria is a deadly tropical disease you can get from plankton.

"Difteria from FB"

That feeling you get when you find out a lovingly remembered, beloved old teacher you friended turns out to be a Tea Party member.

I love the way the type in that note looks so recessed into the paper.

I love the way the type in that note looks so recessed into the paper.

I know! I could almost smell the typewriter and the erasable bond!

Seriously... look at this! That was my comment. Look at all of the red underliney things! I either inadvertantly selected something or TypePad is having a seizure. All of my correction options seem to be in Espangnol or Italian.

It's going Kindle on ya!

TypePad is now controlled by Grammar Zombie Patrol.

Wow, not to ignite Mac-PC wars, but that screenshot is physically painful to me. Windows is so ugly.

I cropped out the surrounding stuff so your delicate eyes would not be in pain... ya big baby!

It's loading the wrong dictionary. If you can find your language settings you should be able to select US English and solve the problem.

Mine often switches itself to upside-downy English. I blame Bimler...

Thanks, mikey! I figured that out when I tried to leave a comment at Snag's and realized I had the same deal there, but his blog is Blogger... I discovered the drop list soon after. I also blame bimler!

I blame bimler too!

I blame fish. Remember him?


Can we still blame him?

I thought of fish yesterday. (And yes, I blame him for it!)

yeah, like I am going to click on an Andrew Sullivan link.

You miss out on a lot by being closed down like that.

BG really IS trying to start a blog brawl!!! :)

First Snag and Rumors... now ZRM and an Andrew Sullivan link.


Now I've got this playing in my head...

I can take ZRM!!!


She'll probably lecture us all on the incorrect way to eat an ice cream cone.

I love that song!

Speaking of which....

Lecture? That was my explaining voice.

That's different.

Snag would have gagged after he left that comment at 3B's. I went to YouTube and listened to all of Rumors. lol

Lecture? That was my explaining voice.

That's different.

I imagine it sounds like Andrew Sullivan.

Nope. We sound totally different. He has one of those English accents. I'm from the Midwest. So, of course, I sound way cooler than him.

Well shoot. Once again I am brawl-less!

I'm gonna have to start brawling with the Skimmer just to get it out of my system.

Put your damn brawl back on BG! You're a lady!

I knew you'd catch that. :)

Harumph. Go to Glasgow for a while and everyone starts blaming you.

Difteria is a deadly tropical disease you can get from plankton.
Any disease you can catch from plankton is probably deadly.

I blame bimler for going to Glasgow...

I blame Glasgow for Bimler.

EL is an artist. Not like me trying to mock up versions of thumb wrestlers for The Lovely Daughter. [Note: having some glue around is a good idea.]

I am learning to do the Explaining Voice in a Scottish accent.

Someone ought to explain Kathleen's disappearance, preferably in verse.

Let's see...what rhymes with basket? Casket, gasket...

dasket, fasket, hasket, jasket, kasket, lasket, masket, nasket, pasket, quasket, rasket, sasket...TASKET!

A tiskit, a tasket, Kathleen's basket is green and yellow!

It's a clue.


I think we all know why K's basket is yellow...

A tisket, a tasket,

Kathleen's stuck in a basket!

And that's why she's not zardozing email.

The problem with upside-downy english, I should say, is that it is zigoted. That is, it hates the Z. To the extent that they have developed an alphabetical slur and call it "Zed". You know, like that stupid hillbilly Jed. Bastards.

So they don't organize. They demonize. They can't winterize - winter comes like six months too late, and by then they've totally forgotten about it. It's embarrassing, is what it iz....


Rats, I was expecting ostriches.

I can take ZRM!!!

But can you make him drink?

you ALL make me drink....


It's so tempting to misbehave in long-neglected comment threads....

it takes FOREVER for people to notice.

I have a dilemma; work on construction documents that have to be revised by Monday, a building design that needs to be well along by next week (and is kind of fun)....or crack the Office Rum and crank the tunes?

Oh bother.

and I draw, and I draw....

working on the post-feed sweep.

the rum is helping.

I am amused that locally, the Captain Morgan is being discounted to Sailor Jerry prices.

A good night's sleep, with only a few disturbing dreams, rather than the all-night matinee.

I think the word verf is being kind of forgiving. there's no way I read that second word correctly.

I once did a cartoon in college; it showed one of the characters in the strip throwing open the drapes, screaming, and hiding under the covers, saying "It's a beautiful day out and I JUST DON'T feel like it!"

Kinda feel like that today.

Mekons have a song that goes "why doesn't it rain when I'm sad?" They know.

One more to knock Will of the recent comments list, then get a screenshot....

rather than the all-night matinee.

Read this as all-night manatee...

The more disturbing all-night matinees feature manatees.

Man, a lot of Doctor who, even the newer episodes, are kind of cheesy....but I can't think of much contemporary sci-fi/fantasy/horror that is as ball-crawling scary as the Weeping Angels.

Don't. Blink.

There is a different, BETTER time-stream where I made those subjects and verbs all agree.

But not this one.

Agreement is overrated.

I love both of photo pretty much. Its really tremendous to see such kind of photo. Thanks mate
Hot dog rollers

Agreement is overrated.

mikey and I have a relationship almost entirely predicated on that concept.

ZRM should start a blog.

Oh, Jennifer!

That cover needs black glasses. :)

I've never read the book, but do own the lervely DVD remastered movie!!

ZRM should start a blog.

Or ten...


The classic Bad Ronald was written by Jack Vance? That is pretty fricking weird.

ZRM should start a blog.

Or ten...

All of you assume I haven't? What do you think I do when I'm not Zardozing your blogs?

The classic Bad Ronald was written by Jack Vance? That is pretty fricking weird.

Someone was NOT PAYING ATTENTION back in January 2011.

I paid attention. :) ZRM was too busy starting blogs.

Short term memory is the first thing to go.

Besides, who pays attention to a guy named Bimler?

He can't even find all my blogs!

A hot-dog roller solves all problems.

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