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June 20, 2012


Fun discovery! And I've never even heard of a Linden Tree... so you are way ahead of me! :)

How can you have Bad German Brain and not recognise the smell of Linden??

The flowers fall into your beer stein if you're not careful.

Bad insects, Bad!

There's been a beautiful smell around here, lately.

How can you have Bad German Brain and not recognise the smell of Linden??

Because it's an American Linden??

There's been a beautiful smell around here, lately.

Look for the Linden!!

I certainly recognize the blossoms. I knew they were there... by the droves, but I guess I never had my snoot up to one to realize how heavenly they were. I just assumed they were like many other trees... tree-scented.

Also, when I think of Lindens (aka basswood), I think of the wood... and that custom picture frames are often made out of them.

I'll make a note to not drink my beer under the tree.

I got a pic of a great blue heron in flight yesterday. (Also some of the same bird on a log in the lake, but he/she/it/bird didn't let me get close enough to get a sharp pic.)

This is basically the plot of the Numa Numa song.

Hmm, somehow I had also managed to live life without being aware of the Numa Numa song, but now I'll have it stuck in my head all day... I prefer the Linden fragrance.

LOL at Mandos.

I wasn't kidding either. It quite literally is the point of "Dragostea din tei" (the Numa Numa song's real title, "Love under the Linden Tree").

another reason to love the summer!!

(I hope that comment was sufficiently on topic to your post )


Kathleen- you could take a crap in the comment section and I'd still be happy you came to visit!


/ Poop Nazi

Kathleen- you could take a crap in the comment section and I'd still be happy you came to visit!

Some people would view that as a challenge.

I think the challenge would be not to crap in a comment section.

Linden Boulevard represent representsent.


Just be glad it wasn't another sort of tree.

Of course, ginkgos stink to high heaven but the seeds are edible.

We had what we called a "Puke Berry tree" where I went to college... I don't recall if it was a ginko. A neighbor has a ginko, but it's young enough, it doesn't stink yet.

We have a zillion ornamental pear trees around here! I have never noticed the batter batter aroma! I will pay attention next spring!

I just wanna say that in the Hofgarten in Duesseldorf this afternoon, the scent of the linden trees was almost palpable.

Hard to imagine you could smell them over the overwhelming aroma of BEER!

Duesseldorf does not have the Bavarian obsession with filling every park with beergardens.
There has been beer in the last few days.

Here is advertising for one of the Duesseldorf breweries / brewpubs:

Hmmm, I'm not sure I want to think of nipple spikes when thinking of a cold brew.

Don't linden trees have really sticky, drippy sap? I remember there was a tree on the way to the West Oakland BART station that would drip all over the sidewalk. It was water soluble, but smelly and kinda gross. It was the organic equivalent of cinema floor crud.

Hmm, I am not aware of sticky, drippy sap, but then my Linden is on the parkway and any of that sap would be in the grass. Maybe I'll notice it when it gets larger than its grassy place mat.

LOL @ organic equivalent of the cinema floor crud.

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