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June 08, 2012


One of my favorite things is to see a doggie with its head out the window! Wind blowing in their hair (fur). Nice of you to give Mr. Handsome that awesome freedom!

Happy weekend to you, too, Jennifer!

Ruff, ruff! (thunder, that is not an invitation for you to call me a dog...)

Man, I love this post. Mebbe cuz I love the doggeh and the doggeh owner.

Lucy The Orange doesn't get to do that, because we figure she would launch herself out the window at the first walking dog she sees.

She's kinda stupid that way.

Surfin' Safari!

Jennifer, that little town area in the background of your shot looks awesome too.

The captcha window had the descriptor:

Captcha Challenge

lol They know they're making it harder on us! Mr. Handsome... sic 'em!

What captcha?

I'm signed into typepad, does this mean I'm getting special "no captcha" treatment?

ZRM- as you'll notice, the window is up a smidge. I roll it all the way down if we're en route, but once we're parked, too many people go buy with dogs or little kids who want to lunge at our doggie... I figure a little reminder window for Mr. H is a good thing. I roll it all the way down when he spies Grizzled on the sidewalk. He sticks half of his wagging body out of the car at that point.

BG- thanks. Parts of it are nice and cute and quaint. It's an old town (technically a village), but parts are meh.

I am signed into typepad and I get the captcha, which I keep reading as "Capt Cha". :) I had to put it back on. I was getting to much bleed-through spam.

The Frau Doktorin does not let me do that. Harrumph.

There is a leetle baby bunny outside my window right now that wants to be snuffled and kissed. I know it does! Someone tell it to stand still!

Von! How did you sneak in here? Mr. Handsome, aka, Mr. Moose, aka, Bruce, aka Truman, aka, Mr. Trumando, aka, Glorious Hunka-Hunka Dog, aka Scrunchle Bear says, "Woof!!!" to you. :)

That should have been "go by"...

The Frau Doktorin does not let me do that. Harrumph.

Even when you're in your Furry suit?

No captcha for me, he sang some more.

No captcha for me, he sang some more.

Come over here, thundra...

A leetle closer...

Just a wee bit closer...


♫ I feel free as a birdie or a bee
With no captcha for meeeeee! ♪

Time to block thundra...

Heh... Try to comment NOW, Mr. Thunderpants! Captcha or no captcha!

Even when you're in your Furry suit?
That was supposed to be secret.

I expected something more manly...

You prefer this one?

LOL! Let the wild rumpus start!

Mr. Handsome is very much like me after my sister was born. Air-dried tongue tastes funny.

I love your dog posts

You prefer this one?

Herr Doktor Beefcake!


I heard that...

I got some nifty sunset pics across from this place this evening.

Is that by Hancock?? :)

It's west of Berkeley Springs, above the Cacapon River.

P.S. I've just replenished to suet feeder. I have to say, though, I haven't even heard a woodpecker since getting here. Quite a change from the end of March.

Any signs of your beloved orange kitty?

Nope, I've never seen orange kitty since the winter.

Awww... I love this. What a great pic too. Guess I really just miss having a dog for a friend!!

Is that a photo of me being driven to the airport?

Miss Jane- Dogs do make great friends, but they're not always easy to have in one's life.

Snag- that reminds me. I never did photoshop that unicorn head onto your bod.

Doggie woke me up at 1:00 AM by barking at the door. Seems she had a diarrhea problem to take care of.

So better to be woken up than not...but maybe if somebody didn't try to eat GOOSE POOP whenever she got half a chance...

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