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June 07, 2012


Ray Bradbury was German? I thought he was Martian.

I will run this past the dog this weekend, and find out THE TRUTH.

Good thing this is classic lit now so I can stop worrying about being juvenile.

he will be missed, for sure..

Ray Bradbury was German?

Good Germane Brain.

LOL @ Substance and a hdb.

aif!! You're missed as well! Nice to see your name pop up!

Have no fear, aif is always lurking!

captchas are getting weirder and harder.

Math it up, fuzzball.

captchas are getting weirder and harder.

I know! They're making me use parts of my keyboard I usually never touch!

I know! They're making me use parts of my keyboard I usually never touch!

50 shades of captcha.


Bad Keyboard Touch.

I SWEAR I saw the capcha say "increase bourbon" which I thought was very helpful.

wait, 'bruchen'? What the hell is bruchen and why should I increase it? And now what to do with this Increased Bourbon?

Don't bogart that bourbon, my fiend...


I think Mr. Bradbury would love this thread!

(Except for thunder calling me a fuzzball, which he will pay for. Oh yes. He will...TBC)

He's a zombie!

P.S. As for the fuzzball remark, I blame 3Bulls! brainwashing.

Blue girl is so out of the loop....

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