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June 26, 2012


Arrgh! I was thru w/the second row, got a call and absentmindedly clicked away!! I'll have to try again later.

And, I HAVE to believe that a lifetime of color experience has got to help.

I shall await the final word of Herr Doktor Vision, however.

I did it again and got a 5!!! I think I'm going to stop there... or start fresh in the morning! Wait till the morning, BG! Your eyes will be fresh.

Also, I agree, I would have to think a lifetime of color experience would help... building visual memory or something... We'll see!

I was going to link to an monkey vision article fish had up years ago, but alas, no more fish posts, so no monkey vision for us!

We'll see!

Pun intended? :)

I love moving those little boxes around!

4 on my first try- that was with background reflections. For once I don't suck. Also, I do not want to to a hearing one like this where they reveal you can't hear half of regular frequencies. What I want to know is which ones were off- I had a feeling that I was better with some colors than with others. /hue racism?

I'm going to try it again at night, when the entire room is dark, except for my screen!!

Pinko- one of my nieces had a hearing test app on her phone and ran a test while a bunch of us, all varying ages were together for a holiday. It was scary to watch the people stop raising their hands... all corresponding to age. YL heard the most and she is the youngest.

Also, if you click through, it should tell you where you sucked, hue-wise.

And... I just realized why a certain song has been stuck in my head since taking this. No, it has nothing to do with the lyrics, but merely who sings it. Guh... I'll post it under the post.

HAHAHA! I never realized that was how they spelled "Hues"!!!!

Perfect score the second time around, but I will probably say that that is 50% the very good laptop monitor. Second time around I remembered to turn up the brightness all the way. Best part was at the very end, I switched two that were on the edge of the third row. I couldn't tell if one of the rows was harder than the others. I feel like some were easier.

Also, GC is taking it now. I am on pins and needles!!!!!

BG needs to tell us her score. My guess: 1 MILLION

Oh yeah! Turning up the brightness! That would be good. I have no curtains on my window so I'm going to wait for dark!

I love when you think two might need to be switched and you do it and it's so obviously WRONG, even though so subtle.

Share GC's score!

She has to wait for Goob to go to bed. Goob was hanging on her.

Yeah, she's probably just using that excuse so she can put on her bee or butterfly vision googles and then she'll see the ultraviolet colors and blow us all out of the water!

PP's never around and then BING BAM BOOM, he is.

My score was 1 MILLION MINUS 999,992.

Wish I woulda read about turning up the brightness before I did it!!

I love when you think two might need to be switched and you do it and it's so obviously WRONG, even though so subtle.

I agree!

I still want to do it again when it's completely dark out so I can see if I can get a 0... just for my own peave of mind.

WTF?? Peave of mind??

Popovers for jibberish. It's contagious.

7. I am too impatient to try to improve it.

Refreshed captcha four times though.

I shall take my winnings now!

I do note that we've got some pretty high color acuity here. I always knew you guys were shady.

Go ahead, raise a hue and cry.

Painting with a broad brush are we?

Maybe you can canvas the neighborhood for more puns.

I can go all night!!!!!!

Good morning, what's all this now?

The earlier you go to bed, the earlier Dog O'Clock rolls around.

Shout out question for Herr Doktor Vision...

I always thought he was Herr Doktor Sexy. Damn, can't find that "Ming the Meritless" link!

Refreshed captcha four times though.

Half the time I think captcha lets me through with only 75% accuracy.

I shall take my winnings now!

Alright Pinko, you win... the Header Contest!!!

Good morning, what's all this now?

The earlier you go to bed, the earlier Dog O'Clock rolls around.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... what's your score???

And to B^4.. Herr Doktor Sexy??? Dear. Lord. I need some coffee.

BG- You should try the test on your Kindle. I accessed it via my phone and the color differences were enhanced. Unfortunately I could not drop and drag. :( I'm sticking with my 5. Hell, I was thrilled with 12!

12 for me, in the basement, with the laptop.

Talk about going blind! That week on the Kindle almost did my eyes in!

And the Universe speaks. Maybe we're a bunch of tetrachromats? (Not PP, tho. He's definitely a New World Monkey.)

Tetrachromat sounds like a place to have colorful lunch... or do colorful laundry.

LOL... yes, I think Pinko is a NW Monkey!

It’s possible these so-called tetrachromats see a hundred million colors, with each familiar hue fracturing into a hundred more subtle shades for which there are no names, no paint swatches.

I believe that. I'm constantly talking about colors in shadows, especially in shadows of a group of plants, where some light is coming in and you've got highlights, lowlights, bounced reflections, atmosphere... It's like you have a world of this subtle color going on and NO ONE SEES IT! I almost feel those colors more than I see them.

And... who needs bimler when you've got BG! Thanks for the links. I think bimler is lost in a German beer garden... Not that I blame him.

Also... and I'm not sure if this was developed over a lifetime or is a case of Synesthesia, but when I said I feel colors, some more than others, it's because I hear certain notes when I look at them, or I feel the note in my chest and I can hum it. Most colors I like, or like to live with, hit the same note/key. I keep meaning to hum it into a guitar tuner so I can figure out if I'm living in the key of C or what... Or perhaps I'm just a weirdo. :)

You guys seriously just ignored all of those art puns?


You guys seriously just ignored all of those art puns?

You seemed to be primed and running with it so we let you. :) Layering on the puns... it's what Pinko does best... that, and running contests. :)

I have a new video I must add!!!

It appears most of the songs my brain goes to on autopilot are Top 40 AM 70's songs...

I took the test and got a rock.

You could resize them youtubers to be the same, Jennifer.

If you wanted to...

I know... But I was lazy. I didn't even add the code to leave a space.


Whatever could that mean? Perhaps I am seeing in non-visual ranges.

...actually that would explain quite a bit.

Scored a 7.

Another Bambi (with mom) just walked through the backyard. I tried to get pics, but mom was on the watch.

Herr Doktor Sexy??? Dear. Lord. I need some coffee.
You need AKVAVIT.

The last few days I have been lost in London real-ale pubs.

Gabriele Jordan will give an update about her search for tetrachromats at a conference soon. I will pass on her thoughts.

I want to thank everyone for helping me feel like a champion in something. I know it was hard, but I feel seriously Ahemed. I don't want to create a legend out of whole dropcloth, but ever since I went on a roller, my reputation has been climbing a ladder. I just easel on through my day, enjoying the palette of color and life around me. Sometimes the life is still.


Gesso you know, Pinko, you're stretching it.

Akavit makes me think of my parents' freezer.

Oops. I've had too much beer this evening and can't type akvavit. Plus, autocorrect is fucking with me.

Also, it seems early for intense cicada noise. I'm sitting outside, experiencing a cacophony o' cicadas... It's still June!

I meant to say that I'll be swatching you.

We have so many crickets here that their dead bodies make the grocery story parking lot smell. Also they are in the ceilings at work. There were a LOT of extra crickets this year.

I've had too much beer this evening and can't type akvavit.
Or you're turning Norwegian.

One thing about women who carry a gene for colour-blindness (i.e. are tetrachromats, whether or not their brains can use that information) is that they do perform worse on colour-arrangement tests like the 100-Hue, i.e. any additional distinctions they can see between normally-identical hues are compensated by loss of distinctions elsewhere. This has been tested.

with my laptop brightness all the way down(~10% battery) i got a 23. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT!! this probably also explains why i have bad taste in outfits maybe?

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