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May 20, 2012


1) It looks like a flower that has gone to seed and is ready for the wind to work its magic.

2) It's a wiener dog race!

Cottonwood seeds. I was considering a cottonwood seed post myself.

Seen from 30,000 feet, the diversity of the tea party rally becomes apparent.

I am convinced that it is a view into the heart of the galaxy from the Hubble, and don't think I care what it really is, because my idea is way cooler.

Massive bubbles!

Bioluminescent plankton. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROPHECY.

dandelion fluff

congrats on the long weekend! I am lookign forward to one myself.
As soon as I can get all this work done, I am going to have a lazy week, (yes I know that doesn't make sense) which may involve being on the internets a lot commenting here and there, or not being on them at all.

that wiener dog race was pretty funny.

2) It's a wiener dog race!

NOT A ONE with chili. Shenanigans.

I could easily convince B those were fairies...

Is she in the fairy stage?? I loved that stage! Have you made fairy houses outside yet??

ZRM- those dogs had warm outfits on because they were chilly so the chili was implied...

More hot-doggy goodness.

Wow! They look so beautiful!

I guessed tree fluff of some kind, but I couldn't guess the species. Where I lived for a while it was poplar fluff in massive amounts forming puddles every where.

zombie leftovers? (do zombies have leftovers?)

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