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May 17, 2012


...and when your feet start to hurt, you can say YOUR DOGS ARE BARKING!

hee hee. I kill me. Also glad I was the frist one in with that joke.


I can't believe I didn't even think of that one. I'm ashamed.

You will have to scoop up after your shoes.

Also glad I was the frist one in with that joke.

You're like one of three people who reads this... I'd say the odds of you being the first to say it were pretty good.

You will have to scoop up after your shoes.

But taking them for walks will be a no-brainer.

You're like one of three people who reads this

fish still counts.

I was trying to find a pic of Theda doing that pose (she does it all the time, and quite well), but it doesn't seem to be on this pc.

It's play pose, thundra!!!

My karate sensei had us do yoga frequently when warming up...she called it downward dog.

fish still counts.

I'm not so sure.

OT- ZRM, have you seen Brando's new FB profile? You might want to have a stiff drink handy when you do...

Yes, it is also downward dog, and if I do it (it's sometimes better for an afternoon pick-me-up than a dance-a-thon), the dogs do the same thing and think... IT'S PLAYTIME!!

Speaking of dogs, I just snagged a neighbor's dog who had broken free of their yard and was roaming the neighborhood terrorizing young children. How did I know my neighbor's dog had gotten out?? She came into our basement before gallivanting off elsewhere... the door was open because workmen are in there, so she decided to visit.

Breakin' The Law!

Breakin' The Law!

No YouTube link?? Who ARE you??

Lazy thunder is lazy.

Maybe the lightning will do my work for me.

I have 8 million things to do outside of the home, but am home-bound today due to workers being here. Grrrrr.

Barkin the Law! Barkin the Law!



That is supposed to be a dog emoticon, but it looks more like something on Brando's man candles. Mandles... whatever the hell they are. Mando's mandles. No! Not Mandos!!

Never mind...

Bartender, I'll have one of whatever she's having.

I'm drinking cold coffee.

_/ _\

well, that worked like shit.

It's a bird! Or a mandle.

if Typepad would have left the spaces in, it's a cute lil goggie.

Really? No one's found this? Geez.

google images.

all the others in the Greg link seem torturously uncomfortable for a gimmick

The shoes were designed by footwear designer Kobi Levi:

Jennifer is angling for the shoe fetishist traffic spike (heh!)

I've posted these before.

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