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May 17, 2012


Disco Time!

Fly Robin Fly

P.S. Aren't you glad you can look up the lyrics to that song on the internets?

LOL!! Yes, those would have been hard ones to recall!

Also, Fly Robin Fly is WAY TOO mellow for an afternoon dance-a-thon... we'd need more of this.

OK, I've corrected the line-up by adding the song I should have put up first. It is now... first.

Also, I just watched the videos without thinking...R.I.P. Donna.

Now i am sad.

I'm really tempted to just crank the volume, but damn it... I have workers in the house! Grizzled would do it. He'd do anything as if they weren't there, but me... no, I feel like I should be quiet. Gawd knows why.

It is sad, thundra.

The worker's aren't plying their own radios?

No wonder they aren't getting anything done. I have often wondered how any buildings got built before the advent of the boombox.

You should help them out by playing Happy Schnapps Combo, really loud.

Or Rush. I know contractors love Rush.

Either way, it gets them out of the house faster.

No, they're playing their own radio, I can hear it, but I know they'd hear me, and I'm not feeling strong enough to blast "I FEEL LAHVE!". With certain duct work ripped out, and other aspects being torn up, the place is even more of an echo chamber than it normally is.

Today's part of the repairing adventure?? MARMOLEUM! Tomorrow... the new furnace, and thank gawd, a return of our hot water heater!

I'm using the day to clean out part of my office... I'm also thinking of taking down my massive easel and putting up my drawing table. Painting has not held that much interest for me lately... I'd probably get more use out of a drawing table. I suppose I should be drawing on my digitizing tablet, but I'm a dinosaur.

Or Rush. I know contractors love Rush.

Either way, it gets them out of the house faster.

It'd get me out of the house faster.

I can't tell what they're playing. It's a radio station, but I can't tell which one. At least it's music and not talk radio.

Make yourself a drink and start a stereo war, pretending you're back in college. It's Friday!


The liquor cabinet is in the basement... where they are... and we're out of beer. I wish it were Friday. This week has been eternal.

LOL! I saw that on FB this morning. It's funny... and true.


P.S. I used to win wars in collage once I had my large Advent speakers and Pioneer Amp.

I could rock the courtyard, and I did. (More often with the Ramones and the Clash than Donna Summers, but today D.S. is the bomb.)

An old Angel City song just came up, so I am clicking the Genius and cranking up the office speakers, which are louder than you would think...."Real Wild Child" is on now.

I am TOTALLY winning the Office stereo wars. And now I really feel like getting into the Office Supplies, but I have a zoning hearing tonight....which just makes me want a drink even more.

The workers are gone!!! Volume commences!

Check the liquor cabinet! I fear for the supplies.

What that?

I couldn't quite make it out over my zoning hearing.

...that's what Baby's been reduced to...

Workers in the house? Are they putting in a dance floor?

RIP Donna.

Geez, I haven't heard "I Feel Love" in forever. Awesome.

Wine and sushi and carrots.

When I saw "Mac Arthur Park" I was skeptical but, she did a great job with it! Not as great as me in the shower but, pretty close.

Poor Donna-gone too soon. :(


Jennifer, I am feeling so much love for I Feel Love, I keep coming here to listen to it over and over. Thank you for linking to it!

Er... posting it. :)

You're more than welcome! I love that song... I just have very fond memories of dancing like a maniac to it.

Laura- never having having heard you sing it, I'd still have to choose good old Richard Harris as my fave. I do like Donna's version though, just for the pure dance quotient.

thundra- what wine did you pick to go with the sushi and carrots?

I'm glad you don't have a "Blogger Eye View" app that allows you to see your readers when they are here... or you would've just witnessed me dancing around with my headphones on to I Feel Love! :)

I'm glad you don't have a "Blogger Eye View" app that allows you to see your readers when they are here

As far as you know... :)

I wouldn't have seen you, I was too busy dancing myself! :)

Or do you? lol

Something like that's probably going to eventually be real. And I HOPE when it happens that we all know about it and don't have to learn the hard way!!

"Um, blue girl? Nice bed head."

I would have gotten... "Did you sleep with make-up on last night??"

Our water heater is currently disconnected.

Posted at the same time!

Blue Kid's been convinced for years that that's already possible and we just don't know about it. But *they* do.

Oh, I'm sure they do.

I was having email/cell phone issues yesterday and had sent a test message to Grizzled, along with a screenshot of the error I was getting. He said that he'd heard that they were working on jamming cell phones transmission due to NATO being in town, and they were probably just testing it, and I was like, oh... OK! Sometimes it's scary how easily we go along.

Also, aside from smeary make-up, they would have seen me making the poor choice to have a Ciao Bella Key Lime Pie sandwich for breakfast, along with my coffee... but it was SO GOOD!!! Somehow they managed to allow the ice cream to taste like it has separate whipped cream in it. These things are dangerous. Fortunately they only come in packs of 4.

Zinfandel, Jennifer.

Oh my GOD, those look awesome. I was craving tater tots and ketchup awhile ago, but now I want one of those! (Or maybe 2)

They are SO good... Like I said, thank God they only come in a box of 4, so if I buy a box, everyone gets ONE. You could easily wolf two.

Tater tots! Fried or baked? Or is that a stupid question?? They're still good when they're baked, but fried... Mmmmmm.

Deep fried, baby.

For whatever reason, bad school cafeteria food was calling my name this morning.

Back off, Michelle Obama! lol

Ah yes, one of the things cafeterias do best!

Did you have anything cafeteria-like?

No, I was good. Waited for noon to roll around and ate my sensible lunch! The wait almost killed me. :)

since I have yet to eat today, this comment thread took a dangerous turn...

I just realized, as I decided to give up on leaving my house today, due to Mr. Furnace Man, and decided to have a beer, that today I had coffee, a key lime pie sandwich, water, some grapes, and a leftover piece of toast. Not a ton of stuff, but a nutritional bomb if ever I saw one.

So, what did you decide to eat, Kathleen??

Jennifer set us up the Nutrition Bomb! For Great Furnace!

I am eating PB out of teh jar.


I'm drinking beer out of teh bottle.


lol so much better. if I could get off the internets I could finish my work and to the same.

Jennifer has a bottle??


We only had CASKS when I were a lad.

I thought you just chewed on fermented stuff.

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