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May 16, 2012


Funny how different that Columbine works. At least it's not just sits there and says, come and get me!


Works = looks.

I gotta get some coffee!

OK, that makes more sense. Although, that plant is working it.

we had an arborist come and look at our huge box elder tree recently, we were concerned it might fall down more and hit a car or, it's only a freaking box elder. it was a volunteer also. I referred to it as an 'opportunist' to the arborist, he laughed, and said yeah, that's why it's pretty strong.

It lived through a crappy location, tons of abuse, and now spreads something like 60 feet. Basically, it's an ur-boxelder, and we'll probably never be able to kill it.

Move over, boxing Helena, boxing elder is here.

box elders are scrappy. My parents had a large one in their backyard FOR.EVER. Also an opportunist, but the only decently placed opportunist when they cleared the lot to build (it was part of an long, gone apple orchard). That thing lived through all sorts of abuse. I hope my columbine does not get as big as a box elder.

And, speaking of box elders, there must be one around the building where I have my painting class because not a class goes by that we don't find a few box elder bugs in the building... the ladies all freaking out! Maybe because they're elder... Heh!

OK... is the box elder a compound word or not?? Hmmm? I thought it was, but TypePad was all "No you don't, girl!" and I look it up and see both.

I wouldn't take TypePad's word for it.

In true Wikipedia fashion, the entry uses both "box elder" and "boxelder." So I'm going with "box-elder."

When I saw "Columbine" I thought that this was going to be about that school shooting!
Perhaps if you got some angst ridden teenagers to go out and hang around the plant, it would die of its own free will. :)

Cute bunny!!!


I've tried to dig the damn thing up to move it a couple of times... tried to kill it a few other times, but it's going nowhere.

The real question is, "How is the purslane?"

No plant is quite as opportunistic as purslane.

I have never heard of a boxed elder, I would have liked to have boxed the ears of some of my elders and betters.
We have a frickin' Elder tree which WILL NOT DIE in the corner of our section. Does it suck up the water that gathers there? No. Did a branch fall on the neighbours glass house? Yes. Have we chainsawed it down to a stump? Yes. Is it back better and stronger than before? Yes!!!

If life gives you Elders, make FECKIN BUCKETLOADS of elderberry wine. Even if the stuff is undrinkable you can still use it to strip varnish off old furniture. Or so I hear from a friend.

FECKIN BUCKETLOADS of elderberry wine, you say?

I was expecting a YouTube link...

mowed the lawn last night, and didn't give enough of a feck to rake. (seems like you can SEE the grass growing). and ten minutes after I finished, flocks of birds descended on our postage-stamp backyard to scavenge for nest-building materials.

Haven't seen the Fat Bunny in a few days though.

Although a squirrel fell off the bay window of the house and scared the bejabbers out of the cat. Feckin squirrels.

Although a squirrel fell off the bay window of the house

Probably drunk.

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