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May 08, 2012


I didn't know we had a quiz today!!??

Anyways, I have to finish my bushes and trees post.

And shave.

Maybe I can get some of this homework into it...

Consider it a payback for the tree quiz I got this morning...

17) Something where the feeling when you took the photo jumps off the page and makes us feel like we experienced it as well.

I never did post all of my Grand Canyon pics...

You're a sick man, thundra...

Also, maybe you should just let your beard grow and then you could take a photo of something swirly, curly, lurly-lurly...

Go, thunder, go!!

All finished, can I go out and play now?

Autobiography tends not to get on the internets, he noted...

I was thinking of a photo of something that you associated with your past, thudner... nothing like your SS#, Kindergarten photo, or birth certificate... if you actually HAVE ONE!

I could take a photo of a tree and it would relate to my past story... because I spent years in them as a kid, but it would still not divulge who I am.

thunder is literal, not lateral, in thinking, isn't he...

Depends on the coicamstances, he pointed out.

I think I posted the picture of the water snake and then autobiographically described someone's experiences and life back in the 60s and 70s.

Your honor, my client is innocent!

No resting on your laurels, thundra...

This just popped into my head.

Also, I just remembered that I had a photo from your past.

No resting on your laurels, thundra...

What you do there, I see it.

You can't! The deer ate them! :)

The deer ate them! :)

I need to get back to the mountain, he remembered.

The deer ate them!
So ITTDGY eats the deer.

No moar Mountain Laurel bondage.

I need J to be my Life Coach

Be careful what you wish for, Kathleen...

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