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May 04, 2012


Present for Jennifer!

More presents.

Very popular at Summerfest.

If yur going to the lake, take some pics!

Especially doggy off the pier into the lake pics.

And of course, may Lou, Steve, and Dave watch over you, as they do for all dreamers.

Not going anywhere this weekend, other than the backyard or running errands... too much to do around here. The next stop at the lake will probably be Memorial Day weekend.

Lou, Steve, and Dave will not be a part of the weekend. Tsk.

Hope your road trip is an uplifting adventure.

...even if it is only a road trip to the garden store :-)!!

Honey bear, honey beer doesn't sound that bad, but boysenbeery? Hmmm, don't know... Had a boysenberry bush buy our house when growing up, and Grandpa would occasionally take some to make wine... :-P

MJ- I love a good road trip to the garden! Hope your weekend journey is also good!

I never sell to boysenberries. Can't be trusted.

The blueberry beer in Moncton was pretty good.

Here's an Ozzie brewer flavouring his beer with a local Nightshade, Solanum cleistogamum.

Hmm. The nightshade berries in NZ are ripe just now.

as seen on bimler's beer...

that’s best served well chilled.

I recall seeing this on a bottle of Night Train... I chose not to partake.

Did some zombie-ess say......

Night Train?

blogging waters can be choppy and filled with ________.

I prefer this Night Train.

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