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May 04, 2012


You need a Canon G12 in your purse at all times, Jennifer.

I need a new camera... I used to use my ancient Ricoh 35mm for "real photos", but have been using point and shoots since I had kids... I was thinking the other day that I need one that has the point and shoot option, but also a manual mode.

Even if I had had one in my purse, thundra... my purse was not by me at the time. I just need to mount a camera on the window.

Oh, excellent idea!

You need the tripod, too.


P.S. I went looking for a pic of my tripod setup outside the feeder in W.V., and found this instead.

(I'd been looking for it for something else.)

Dog O'Clock!

That photo reminds me so much of my first dog.

I wish I had a decent camera today... the hawks have been going nuts. Lots of baby bunnies and squirrels around... :(

O Death


Fortunately I have not seen any little bunnies or squirrels become a snack. I've just seen the hawks circling. At one point it was really cool... they were high enough that the two were circling in and out of wispy clouds.

Brief aside... I made a purchasing mistake... and am trying it, hoping it won't be too bad, but once again, I am sure of the fact that berries and beer should NOT go together. I love both, but not together.

Just add cake vodka, and you should be fine.




I thought I had purchased a single brew pack, but no.... it was a multi-pack of pukiness!! OK, only 4 beers are bad, but still...

I support Canadian content.

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