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May 15, 2012


The adventures of squirrel dog!

the adventures of Lightweight Squirrel!

Sorry to break the skwirl revelry, but ZRM, I believe the "What's he building in there" was our maiden Zardoz... it was when fish quit last time.

Now... back to skwirlz...

Hey, I hear thundra outside!

LOL! That drunk squirrel video reminds me of when a was a young child and the robins would eat the fermented berries off of the neighbor's bush, would then try to perch on our fence, and just go tumbling off. Birds aren't supposed to tumble.

The Loki video was awesome, but also stressful. I was sure he was going spinal fracture was going to be the end of that.

psahw, who can keep track of all the times fish quit? He quits blogging more often than I start new ones.

Someone over at LGM linked to the Celine saggy pleather video the other day...I jusst chuckled ruefully, having been hardened to such atrocities for quite some time now.

I had to throw Squaline in since I can't at your place.

I wonder if they play that at Guantanamo...

That Celine vid always cracks me up.

P.S. You've done a nice job with the tags, Jennifer.


I put in all fish tags I could find from over the years, as well as the Zardoz/ZRM ones since the Zardoz started when ZRM and I refused to let fish quit last time. However, all of our energy these days is going to preventing ourselves from killing our own blogs.

Oh! I forgot... I used to have a "fish has a small penis" category, but removed it at some point... The category, that is....

thudnra, you are bellowing outside my house!! Simma down!

If I don't do it, the lightning will.

Now should I make a new post, or paste that into the current one?

Fishing with John is online.

Tom Waits had a great part in the indie flick Wristcutters.

I think this time, we'll let fish try to quit. Fish only live so long, you know, then it's time to flush 'em.

But he'll have to ask REALLY NICELY when he wants to come back.

Whew. I'm glad I decided not to do a blogroll at the new joint. I would be so weary trying to keep up with all the ex-blogs. Tough enough just trying to keep bookmarks current. O my life, the pain, the pain.....[/Dr. Smith]

Has anybody considered that this might just be a ploy to get a righteous Zardozing at RSF?'s too bad nobody Zardozes anymore. It's SO 2009.

Nice links.

As for fish, he already flushed his own blog. There's nothing left to save except really small bass turds. Yeah, time to let it go.

I am playing both videos at once with the SOUND OFF.

Thunder- if the point of that video was to make people have to pee... It worked.

I'm going back to Tom Waits.

Make sure you haz a trash can handy.


psahw, who can keep track of all the times fish quit?

Hey, I only quit once before. Although the blog did seem like it was pining for the fjords now and then. I blame the economy. Wreaked havoc on my 401K.

"What's he building in there" was our maiden Zardoz..

Is that true? If so, then one good thing came out of my first retirement.

A coincidence that I have American thighs? I think NOT!

Is that true?

I am 93% sure... but my once steel trap of a mind is rather rusty and sprung these days.

I recall ZRM and I being a nuisance, leaving endless comments since you said you were done. At some point, I mentioned Zardoz. I don't recall why, and ZRM was already a huge fan and had just seen it mentioned elsewhere. He asked if I had read the same post... I said, no... it just blurped out of my hazy brain. So, we got to discussing Zardoz, which added comments, and voila... Zardoz was born. Again, I seem to recall it being on conjunction with your quitting post, but it may have been a post or two after. Apparently ZRM and I had more time on our hands in those days, and more energy.

Other Zardoz recollections?? Snag no likee... :)

I recall ZRM and I being a nuisance

Hard to believe... I know... and fortunately, now the proof is gone. We can go back to being angelic souls.

A coincidence that I have American thighs? I think NOT!

fish don't have thighs... unless they're the fish pulled out of the nuclear Chicago river... then you can get a fish with a drumbone.

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