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May 29, 2012


Worst at binge drinking? or BEST at it?

Image is too small! Also, I'm not on effbook.

But this is for Mississippi (besides credit scores).

Nerdiest for Ohio, thundra, which is not shameful in my book. I believe DC is AIDS.

I found a bigger pic on the Great Gazoogle.

Nerdiest? I thought OHIO WAS FATTEST!

Also: Although the Long Island Expressway does have tons of really, really, bad drivers, I say the state award should go to Maryland.

Maryland did have some bizarre driving rules... As well as people who made up their own...

Worst at binge drinking? or BEST at it?

Good point.

Glad to be Canadian tonight! ;)
Oh! Hang on! Don't we club baby seals or something like that? Hmmmmm...


Baby seal goes clubbing.

Canada is responsible for Bryan Adams, Laura.

Tell me if you ever really, really really ever lurrved a zombie.

That's a pretty negative chart. I want to know what state is BEST at bestiality.

Love the baby seal short! Paybacks ARE a bitch!

Is there something wrong with Bryan Adams? Next thing you're going to say something like, Celine Dion sucks!

I won't have it!


Has anybody posted the Celine in baggy pleather pants video for Laura yet?

I'm not posting it anymore. Look what it did to fish's blog! If I post one more time, I fear it will implode this one. Perhaps ZRM should post it early and often at Laura's place...

The Canadian government will have something to say about that video, I'm sure! We aren't allowed to say negative stuff about Celine.. shhh.

Anyhow, I'm off to make myself a smoothie! Ciao for Niao!

fish's blog was stinky before Celine. He's Mah Fren Fish, but it's the truth.

He should have called his blog, Really Stanky Feesh.

Wait a minute, Wyoming has the most fatal car crashes, but Massachusetts has the worst drivers?

Plus, NY has "worst daily commute", but a lot of people commute by train, so they can read a book, drink a beer, or get mackadocious with fellow passengers, so it's not really that bad.

I think "Lack of Humility" would be a better trait, but Texas probably has that locked up.

Having made it through three winters in the UP, I want to kill people who kill themselves in Hawaii.


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