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April 20, 2012


Nothing wrong with any of those. Although I have always been more partial to Toto's second album the more prog-influenced Hydra.

In addition to the Rush connection, Wife Sublime and I have a history with Bat Out of Hell. on 8-track.

I agree... nothing wrong with the last two, but Toto can be hit or miss. I'm totally biased when I hear this song, but I know people who hate it.

I left out the REALLY embarrassing stuff.

I have no embarrassing music, so I have little idea how it feels. :D

I have no embarrassing music

Denial is a good thing... as is a big ego.


Architects have no egos.

I bet they have Legos. :)


I feel better about hanging on to my Foghat.

(One of my first albums, ever!)

So romantic, thundra...

Would you like a picture of a flower?

P.S. (While my linked video is not Foghat, they are mentioned in the romantic lyrics.)

No... it was not Foghat.

And Happy 4/20, thundra.

O.K O.K. O.K.!


saw them with Blue Oyster Cult, back in the late 70's, I think, at the chicago ampitheater, what a show, seems like my ears are still ringing

David Dubanski 3 weeks ago

/ Youtube comments

LOL at Dave.

That song reminds me of Jr. High.

Or... driving in Wisconsin... anytime the radio might be on...

And you wonder why I haven't listened to commercial radio for 30 years?

..but yeah, I'm with Dave, saw that tour in Madison. I don't remember it being overly loud though.


"Blue Fog" tour.

The second part of that prior capcha was "2".

Either capcha isn't trying anymore, or now it's fucking with me.


I guess Jennifer saw that tour also.

We listened to some commercial radio at times during our trip... Sometimes it's nice to be surprised with a little Badfinger.

That didn't sound right, did it...

I was gonna say....

Seriously though... when was the last time you heard, "Baby Blue"? And while I wouldn't want to hear it ALL the time, or even some of the time, it was kind of a nice surprise.

It's all Over Now, baby Blue?

I've got a Bad Religion version of it.

Awwwwwwwwwww, I remember Badfinger.

Can't hate on them, no how, no way.

Getting rid of albums is like secretly removing books from the library. It is 1984-esque.

You just have to keep them. So Ghostbusters soundtrack, Banarama, Huey Lewis and Thompson Twins. My first four cassette tapes are still somewhere.

It's all Over Now, baby Blue?

No, different one.

Can't hate on them, no how, no way.

I agree. That particular song reminds me of riding my bike, with my Toot-a-Loop on the handlebars.

Ha! Thunder- I didn't know that was Badfinger until right now. I knew the Come and Get it was them. I also didn't really know the "Take a Load Off" song was The Band. Just was never in to them. I know, as soon as this comment goes live, I am to be shunned by the world. There are tons of classic rock songs that I know but couldn't tell you who sings them. For some reason, DJs only still announce things like the songs you KNOW, but never the in between the cracks ones.

I had forgotten they wrote "Without You".

For some reason, DJs only still announce things like the songs you KNOW, but never the in between the cracks ones.

That's why you ask Grizzled. :) I had never heard of that one. When you said it had to do with a train or something like that, I couldn't get Train by 1910 Fruitgum Company out of my mind.

You just have to keep them. So Ghostbusters soundtrack, Banarama, Huey Lewis and Thompson Twins.

I will never live down Peter Schilling.

Pinko- I think I have the soundtrack to Top Gun. :) Ghostbusters would be a huge improvement.

Ha! I just saw this one in the sidebar. I always thought it was early Bee Gees.

Even if everybody dissed your collection... I am still a bit envious of your Barry Manilow disks...

I can't believe you put said that publicly, MJ! :)

I don't think I can dwell too much on my past re: this topic. so cringe-inducing.....

lets just say something that rhymes with Pilson-Dillips is coming to mind...

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