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April 06, 2012


You're so creative, Jennifer! Awesome.

I think it's a.... paw!

It's not MY paw.

Patient Puppy.

No animules were harmed in the taking or prepping of this photo... and yes, he is patient... and he got peanut butter, which is what I used to keep the googly eyes on.

BG- yes... it's a paw, but it looks like it has a maw. :) I always thought it needed fly eyes or speedra eyes, but I do not have fly/speedra eyes in my bag of art supplies, so had to use these. :) The googly (sp?) eyes make it look more like a Sasquatch relative!

Needs moar Bad Ronald glasses.

It's so fun!

I keep thinking Brando is going to think it's a gremlin and be scared of it. :)


Oops, that was an LOL at both hdb and BG.

hdb- it needs a flapping mustache as well.

BG- I would take sick pleasure in it scaring Brando.

Skunkenstein will do tricks for peanut butter.

Most animules will do ANYTHING for peanut butter. It's Satan's spread of choice.

I'll send you an email about Theda and Boot Camp Hill.

that picture looks like a squirrel to me.

LOL~ I didn't know what it was until I saw your thumb at the bottom!
That's hilarious.


Normally I would expect Bimler to be in the lab altering the seeing-eye dogs...

Its the apawmidible snowman.

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