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April 11, 2012


As a cupcake? Perhaps better than "At a furry convention". OR NOT?

I made it sound like there was some rhyme or reason to it...


Cakeys are the MOST perverted.


so awesome

You should definitely use the explaining voice....

I met him at a salt and adhesives convention.

lol @ fish. :)

Very awkward for us to have that situation. Our kids probably won't have that same problem in 20 years. Maybe they'll feel awkward telling their internet friends that they *actually* still talk to real live humans!

I don't have a lot of friends in "real life" so whenever I'm talking about someone I know or "a friend" it's usually someone online.
And I know what you mean .. there is a moment when you can see it on the other person's face.. trying to figure out if that's an OK thing. LOL

It wasn't that many years ago that only perverts and weidos hung out online.....
Ummm... hang on.... ;)


Everyone but BG and Pinko are BANNED... just because.

BG- I know. I keep thinking there will be a tipping point where it's not "bizarre" anymore, or not second rate or something like that. You can mention meeting people in any other number of bizarre ways, and it's OK, if it's in person... but mention that online component and it suddenly seems more nefarious.

Oops, Laura sneaked a comment in here while I was commenting. Laura is not banned.

definitely a generational thing. I don't think kids blink an eye at saying they met someone online. I knew people in graduate school happily talking about meeting up with people they first met on the Well.
God I'm old.

Everyone but BG and Pinko are BANNED.

am I banned AGAIN, or STILL?

I'm making a chart.

Maybe they'll feel awkward telling their internet friends that they *actually* still talk to real live humans!

umm, you guys still talk to live humans?

I think it would be STILL, with a refresher...

Laura is not banned.


Tough titties, thundra!

The bats have left me feeling surly and unhinged. So... situation normal.

Surly you jest?


Besides... shouldn't you be spending your time posting new nature pron?? Hmmm??

Well I've been considering getting political.

(AKA, hatin' on Hopey.) I know, that way madness lies.

Just dancing through because I'm NOT banned. ;P

I hope I am banned from the US. I think I could live in LEAFS SUCK.

thundra, all my politi-hate is focused on the cross-eyed Turdwaffle.

I just try to ignore it all anymore. It's less stressful.

What are these 'friends' whereof you speak?

This is the point I dread in almost any conversation I have where I KNOW someone in REAL LIFE, but then have to explain that I met them online... and somehow, it takes a turn for creepy.

"I met him in the drunk tank after a night of boozing it up! YOU HAPPY NOW?!?!?"

I am not banned. I am blog mothered in. Great post though. I do recall at the bar when we were toasting my dad, when asked who this group was I said "Those people? Well they are my friends" and then I likely walked away to drink cake vodka and talk about embarrassing things

LOL @ B^4.

then I likely walked away to drink cake vodka and talk about embarrassing things

Von- It would have been interesting to see how the painting class dealt with me had I chosen this option. :)



Energy is a powerful force... we can feel it, and it permeates every cell of our being. The energy that connects us is larger than the manmade machines that transmit our messages. Kindred souls find one another because we inhabit the same wavelengths... I have exactly 3 friends that I met online... 2 of them appeared at one of my art shows and we immediately laughed and said... you are my Facebook friend!! The other one lives in Chicago!! .. ( EL!! ) or we would have met by now too. Regardless... we are friends in this life. If it really maters... tell them we met in the Mens room!!

Yep, I agree. We pick up on the wonderful wavelengths. It all seems so random, but it's not. :)

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