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April 13, 2012


A shame you didn't make it to Berkeley Springs, you could have had the prime upstairs bedroom with the ginormous bed. (I always stay in the basement.)

I thought you were going to say that the woods there are full of wooly bison... :)

thunder... when you told me before that you were ensconced in the basement, my mind went to a scary unfinished basement... and I thought of you being in the woods and I wondered how many spiders you were sharing your space with.

Also... it doesn't matter how large the bed is, if I'm creeped-out and inching over to the safety of Grizzled's side, he'll still only get 5 inches of bed... unless I manage a maneuver that allows us to switch sides.

Also... I'm assuming you never get freaked out staying there alone?? :)

I remember one time when EL was very, very young. We went up to the lake for a week, Grizzled joining us on the weekends... I, of course, had the dogs, two different dogs than we have now, but I had the dogs. Anyhow, it was when Andrew Cunanan was on the loose. I think every water heater noise I heard, every elk noise I heard, every house settling noise I heard was him. I did not sleep well that week.

I did. I heard what sounded like rats or something bigger running around upstairs.

I went up with the fireplace poker. Turns out whatever it was, wasn't inside the house. But it sure sounded like it was (and I was somewhat concerned about getting my flip-flop-wearing feet bitten).

You never hear noises like that when doggy is around.

Maybe it was rats!!!


I saw that movie at a drive-in! It was awesomely BAD!!! Ida Lupino died in the arms of a rat... I don't recall what happened to Marjo Gortner, or whatever his name was... wasn't he an evangelist for a while??

Thundra- I bet what you heard was this... you said you had a fireplace, right?

There's actually an upstairs fireplace and a downstairs fireplace.

Nice. My childhood home and an upstairs and downstairs fireplace. However, it did mean double the possibility of the veiny potato people.

Well here's the thing: the upstairs potato people feel superior to the downstairs p.p., and next thing you know, they get to feuding.

So you get left alone.

P.S. Just realized: I've got a bee video I could post! Probably take at least a half hour to upload it to youtuber, so I best get on with it.

Maybe it was rats!!!

if I'm creeped-out and inching over to the safety of Grizzled's side, he'll still only get 5 inches of bed

LUXURY. It's always impressive how much bed two cats can occupy. For some reason, it's always MY SIDE.

Perhaps they are trying to make up for the duvet, which has mysteriously migrated over to the Frau Doktorin's side.

Dogs are the same way. I swear, our smaller dog can spread to cover more space than all of us combined. Squirmy Little Dog would never dream of trying to take over Grizzled's side. I am the easy mark.

I am guilty of yanking covers until they are diagonal on the bed and Grizzled is shivering. I think I kick them one way with my feet and then yank them across me with my hands... either way, Grizzled ends up losing.

I HATE this new capcha!!! Pretty soon they'll have us typing entire blurred manuscripts! I wouldn't have turned it on had I not found endless pron spam on my site this morning. I blame hdb's cats.

The Frau Doktorin seems to fasten onto the duvet somehow and then spends the night rotating slowly on her axis until she is wrapped in it,

Oh yeah... I've used that strategy before. :) Lock on and roll... lock on and roll...

I blame hdb's cats
That Siamese lad is capable of anything.

I bet he wears party pajamas...

All cats where pajamas, don't they?

GC has those rules!

She says that it is the farthest from the door, but I know there are 50 asterices.

I could feel it. If I opened my eyes, I'd see it and I didn't want to.

That's like a line out of a John Bellairs book!

Thundra- I bet what you heard was this... you said you had a fireplace, right?

I've never seen the whole movie, but the parts I've seen had a really creepy vibe.

but I know there are 50 asterices.

:) That sounds right.

B^4- It does have a very creepy vibe. It scared me when I was younger, but I've seen it again as an adult and while dated in some areas, it's still pretty creepy.

That's like a line out of a John Bellairs book!

As a result of hanging out in 2nd-hand bookshops I have just acquired my own copy of "Face in the Frost".

What's all this about 50 asterices in the State Department?

P.S. Spielchuck doesn't like that word.

Thanks for the post Jennifer. I am now thinking about fear and the part it plays in our lives. Big stuff and little stuff, there's lots of fear innit.

Thanks AK. Yes, there is... a lot of fear, and often about silly stuff, or just stuff that will never come to pass.

If it is darkest just before dawn, that explains all the noise the birds start making about then. They are trying to find their nests and flying into objects and making a fuss about it. They are noisy buggers with no consideration for people who are trying to go to sleep.



Those freakin' birds are LOUD that time of day... but then I'm freshly awake... not boozed up and ready for bed ala bimler.

ZRM- I saw you! I waved back!!! I also saw the Mazda flip you off...

Maybe it was rats!!!

Ugh. Just heard some scratching that seemed to be coming from inside a kitchen cabinet. No evidence yet, but there might be something running around under the false bottom. There's only one visible entry point unless they've chewed through a wall: turns out the pipes have a pretty huge space around them that leads into the rest of the building. Covered it all up with foil tonight, off to the store for steelwool and traps tomorrow.


Reminds me of a song...

I am also reminded of a song but I can't remember which

Oooh, I hate the can't remember witch, or maybe it was the ennui witch. I can't remember.


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