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April 16, 2012


Viburnum, he pondered.

The Bangles have a pretty fine recent album, Sweetheart of The Sun.

I think we ought to Zardoz over here, and do it all by talking shit about fish.

Who's fish?


WTF, thunder?? When I click on this link, a photo of a female ass with thong pops up on my phone.

I see a cartoon fish couple, Jennifer.

I see now fish couple. I'm on my computer now and see lots of little photos, but the main one that showed up on my phone was a woman in a thong... read view. She's still there in the multiple photo image... it says, "Look at Dat" or something like that.

Where are the fish??

fish poop.

This is all I ever saw, and tried to upload.

I can't be taking the blame for all those sell phones you kids use, no how.

what in the hell did I type up there? And I haven't even been drinking.

ZRM- do you see a fish couple?

My phone AND computer went to and my phone showed a thonged-ass.

What do YOU see, Jennifer, he inquired carefully.

what in the hell did I type up there? And I haven't even been drinking.

Obviously; your grammar gets better when you're drinking.

Jennifer plays with fire and turns the word verf off.

OK, now that funky hunk link shows something completely different. Whatever.

Thunder- get a damn phone. Join the 21st Century!

Junk... Not hunk.


My phone kept getting caught in the word verf loop. I'll turn it back on before bed so I don't wake up to 20 nude photo links.

Would you believe a half-dozen fish poop links?

How about a lite-brite picture of a clownfish?

lol, said the land line dinosaur.

Now maybe I'll stomp Tokyo.

Or else, finish my flutterby post.

God damn it, my comment was eaten. Five minutes into this expresses a similar mood.

Thunder's dinosaur landline probably ate your comment. It's a commentavore.

Chicken Hawk Pr0n!

ban S-McG, ban him quick.

I was just reading at Great Orange Satan that the big TelComs want to decouple landline service, especially to more remote locations, so they can force people to buy bundles.

Also saw ass

And the ass saw the angel.

Gosh, I love Nick Cave. He cheers me up so.

Five minutes into this expresses a similar mood.

LOL. I finally saw it.

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