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April 27, 2012


If i am not banned, as yet:

the professional says: "I can dump this out and fill it up with tequila and/or vodka!"

We only ban ourselves, ZRM.

As for filling it up with vodka... only if it's not cake vodka. That'd just be stupid.

Me: I could put that glass on my head and dance around the room!


Don't forget the leeches at the bottom!

I hate tomato flavored margaritas.

Engineer: That glass is twice the size it needs to be.

Also that typeface is Optima which is only semi-appropriate. Ideally the top-left paragraph would have been in Pessima.


IF that's his real name, Pinko...

If you say the glass is just right and drink the contents you may wind up being eaten by The Three Alcoholics.

This anti-Clamato aggression will not stand!

B^4... I must confess I have never even had Clamato... but don't think I can bring myself to. As I've mentioned before, I always imagine a foam of scum on the top, sand in the bottom, and maybe a leech or two. :-P I like clams, I like tomato juice... I'm just not sure I want clam juice in my tomato juice... poured from a bulging, gurgling bottle...

LOL @ hdb and SMcG.

I thought it was a crazy idea too, Jennifer.

Until I tried it.

You sound like the Devil, thunder!!

Yes, just try it... Just tryyyyyyyy it!!! Come on! A leetle won't hurt! Oh, it's so simple... just take a sip! A teeeeeeeny sip... so small, it's like you're not even drinking it...




On sandy, clammy foaminess......... And selling all of your earthly possessions for one more droplet of scummy clam juice, mixed with BOTULISM! HA!

I can see it's working.


Don't buy the prefab, mix clam juice and spicy tomato juice. Amazing.

I'm sorry... even though I know clams are tasty, the thought of mixing clam juice into anything sounds WRONG.

Yeah... just put a little clam juice in that frosting! Yeah! Or how about a little clam juice in that milkshake! There's some, on the windowsill... it's been sitting there for days! It'll be REALLY good! Mmmmmm.

Why do you think they call 'em clam cakes???

Mmm, ,A href="">clam squeezins.

Feck. Need moar coffee.
clam squeezins.


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