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April 03, 2012


This is why I always take a camera with me.

thudner is banned...

He was sizing you up, Jennifer.

No... he was probably waiting for me to tell him where the large rabbit is that hangs out under my neighbor's rose bush, and he was waiting for me to open the car door and give him a ride directly to it! Breakfast is served!

I was not, zrm!

I love it when I see a wild animal out in town like that. You're kind of stunned for a moment, as are they I suppose.


Jennifer you need to slow down. You are posting too fast.

He was thinking this.

Jennifer you need to slow down. You are posting too fast.


No more posts until May. :) I promise.

He was thinking this.

Heh... nice way to sneak a speedra in... ZRM is banned!

Laura- it was fun to see, but a little freaky as well. What's tomorrow bring?? A moose? A wolf?? Chicago has had its fair share of alligators so I won't suggest that...

He was thinking this.

Also... I was surrounded by two tons of American STEEL! I was not going to end up in any coyote larder. There was a bus stop just a house from where he was though... middle school kids would be DELICIOUS! And filling.

However... if he could have taken a strategic bite off of my ass and thighs... I might have gone along with it. Coyote nip n' tuck!


Sheesh. I use my iPhone for EVERYTHING.

It was 6:45. I had to take YL approx 3 blocks to school (she normally walks, but on band mornings, I drive her, because it's usually dark, or cold, or just too freakin' early). I had forgot to grab my phone off the charger, besides, what was I going to need it for?? It's not like I was going to see a coyote!

You could have seen an orb bunny, or an orb cat, or a woodpecker...

I saw the woodpecker outside my bedroom window. I saw the bunny under my neighbor's fence. I try not see cats, as the free-roaming on in my hood pisses me off as he eats birds and messes with my dogs. Anyhow, I could take a photo of a woodpecker or bunny (orb or otherwise) almost anytime so they don't seem that mandatory.

I could have taken a photo of a bat on Sunday. I was accosted by one in a parking lot.

Could you imagine a penguin wearing Bad Ronald glasses?

The faster we go, the rounder we get.

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