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February 22, 2012


In the Cookie Queen tradition, actually.

I love the concept of a "bribery cookie".

That kid is too darn smart! :)
So, did you bake him the cookies?


Busted by Y.L.!

P.S. I'll comment more on your blog in exchange for not-bribery cookies.

ZRM- BG may have bribed to win her crown, but I did not! I won honestly!

Mandos- It has promise, doesn't it?

Laura- hell yes I did. I can bake a batch of cookies blindfolded, and with my hands tied behind my back. I get tired of carpooling... this seemed like a workable deal.

thunder- I'll bake you some cookies (bribery or not-bribery) anytime. Just don't be surprised if they have some heart-healthy lentils in them. :)

I thought Laura had staked out the Baking Cookies blog gig.

Remind me to scratch baking from subject matter, cuz lord knows we can't be blogging about the same things!

I guess I can scratch pretty much every other topic as well.

It's been fun! :)

Yeah, I know you'll be bereft to not be able to Rush-blog or Mekons-blog.


I thought Brando owned those topics...

Me: "That's a negotiation. Marriage is full of them."

You should be commenting on the "Debt" symposium at Crooked Timber.

Snaggery is contagious.

I know... it felt like a very Snag-esque moment when it was going down. And I could be wrong, but there was the faint aroma of bourbon and bacon in the car as I was driving.

At Riddled we will happily forfeit spider-blogging if you want to occupy that turf.

The cookies were appreciated, but they were no Charleston Chew. YL is a business person at heart, and not to be trusted.

Get back to work, Grizzled.

FYI- there will be soup on the stove when you get home. I'll see you around 9:30ish... I keep hoping the wind will take out the power, but I don't think I'll be that lucky.

blog-based fridge-notes? you guys are on the crest of the wave of the future!

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