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February 29, 2012


fellow travelers? Where are we going?

And what is with this handbasket?

We're heading to the end of the day... and tomorrow, we'll do it all over again. :) Your fellow travelers are the people who accompany you through your day, ZRM.

As for your handbasket... not touching it... this is a family blog.

Boo-hiss!! TypePad removed my Explaing Voice HTML tags!

i've been searching low and hi-IIIGH....!


Excellent deployment of the Explaining Voice, Jennifer. TypePad was just being kind to me to open up the opportunity for this comment.

I was going to link to Rush doing this song, but then decided I should be kind....

"Be kind to your fellow travelers today" she said.

"Explain as much as possible" she did not add.


"Start with the History of Salt."

Start with the Miller's Tale.

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