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February 27, 2012


I got an onion and some potatoes...

P.S. Might I suggest Jonathan Richman? My fiends and I wore that record out in collage.

I actually have that! Duh!

I could have added 20 more covers, but had to draw the line somewhere.

But you can't draw it through Jonathan!


P.S. Joan Jett on Dave Letterman.

"embedding disabled by request"

Kidding! Hope I didn't alarm thunder....

Thunder beat me to it, but it is a different song

Did you bring us any carrots, Pinko?

Aren't they the same lyrics?

Dear Lord. After listening again, it's apparent, my brain is old and fried.

Yep different songs. I rate for both.

I always just assumed that Jonathan was doing his own Tom thing to the song... Of course, I was probably drinking way too much beer when I used to listen to it.

Sex Pistols version is pretty awesome too (not when they got old though).

Where in the hell did Tom come from in my comment??

Things I need:

Refreshed brain
New keyboard
Different fingers

Refreshed brain
New keyboard
Different fingers



I was probably drinking way too much beer

Could you rephrase this using words that make sense?

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