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February 02, 2012


Ok.. I'm going to have to dig up my green pants, yellow shirt, red shoes.. really crappy haircut (lice was going around the school, my mother panicked) in response to this blog post.
It's on sista! :P

Thanks for showing me! I also feel better cause now I now how many years.. and years..older you are than me!
Muwhahahaha etc!
Tee Hee!!!

P.S. From what I can see, you were a cutie! Those pants were tres artsy fartsy.

I also feel better cause now I now how many years.. and years..older you are than me!

I feel older than everyone these days. :) But still not as old as a few that hang around here... I'm not mentioning any names!


That fruit is awesome- it's like a giant bean, or a wisteria seed pod on steroids.

not the speedra!

Those are whip-spidras, Jennifer. QUITE DIFFERENT.

BBBB- that fruit is definitely in my top 10 of produce experiences!

hdb- I don't even want to know.

I'm sorry Jennifer. I shouldn't have called you an old bag.
Forgive me? *bats eyelashes*

I won't be an old bag for at least 6-7 months.

I won't be an old bag for at least 6-7 months.

And not even then either, Jennifer!

You were a cute little bean in that pic! And Ecuador? Lucky girl!

I would dig out my class pic from 3rd grade when I wore a red white and blue top and HUGE peace sign necklace, but I don't want to scare anyone! :)

Something I thought of after reading your post... the other night we watched "Namath" on HBO. If you can, you guys should watch it. It totally whips you back to those bell bottom days. Fun, weird, wacky times. :)

I had a flag shirt, BG, but my mother hated it (my older sister got it for me) and one day, it just disappeared.

As I grew older, the bells got bigger... some of those in the mid-70's were ginormous!! And then I remember in the in '78/'79, Calvin Kleins rolled around, with a much more tapered leg. :) No more palazzo pants, or elephant bells! Although I think they're coming back.

I'll have to check out "Namath". That sounds like fun.

Speaking of sports, and attire... my lamblets cringe when they see how short 70's basketball shorts were! The ones they wear now look more like capris!

70s basketball shorts were crazy!! lol

I remember DYING to get earth shoes because my older cousin had them. (My cool cousin with the really long straight hair who threatened to go protest Vietnam in DC and was basically told she'd be disowned if she did.)

Between this post, "Namath", and watching a few Sooooooooooouuuul Train videos, my 70s nostalgia meter is on high this week.

Earth shoes. Heh! I remember those.

BG- remember those jeans that zipped up in two places on the front, instead of just the regular fly?? I remember those being a very wanted item. And then when I got them, I had to do some embroidery on them. Little daisies, etc.

I may have to watch some "MeTV" this week so I can get a dose of Bob Newhart and Mary Tyler Moore. :)

remember those jeans that zipped up in two places on the front, instead of just the regular fly??

Completely and totally! To the point that as I read what you wrote I could *feel* them on me! lol And mine were total bell bottoms. I even remember the feel of the denim (mine were made out of a softer, comfy denim) and how the huge bells would lay around my shoes so my shoes didn't really show. (Must not have worn them with platforms all that much!) How funny.

Yes, they were softer.

I think my first real platforms were like these (on the right). They had the suede-wrapped platform... I also had some that had the cork platform, but I definitely remember the suede ones being a big deal.

Oh my God, Jennifer. I am living in total 14 year old land right now!! I had those same platforms! I loved them! Platforms were comfortable. You got to be taller and they didn't kill your feet.

Zooming into the future (and yet still the past). Do you remember those Candies that were like high heeled clogs with the tan suede on the outside and the white fur on the inside that you could see a little on the top? I'll have to find a pic.


Like these

But I don't remember the fur being so heavy on the ones my BFF and I wore. We'd wear them and think we were Stevie Nicks. :)

Those sandals were comfy! I think 20 million girls had them. I also remember it being cool to wear them with blue opaques (to match the blue mascara).

Man, Earth shoes were BUTT-UGLY!!!

AH YES!! I had some of those fleecy clogs! So did my sister! We had them in varying heel heights.

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