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February 17, 2012


And before anyone breaks out the Explaining Voice... yes, I realize these are not real, that people must infuse their own. I'm not doing that either. Not even for Pinko.

I do not rate for chocolate vodka

What about Chocolate Robot Vodka™, zrm?

I'm just sayin' that the colours of the infused vodkas look a tad artificial to me. But, you know, upsidedownies and their funny ways.

Not just vonnie

You. Are. The. Devil. .....want......

Not seeing Cranberry flavour among the options.

Vodka For Now.

Those aren't real. ARE THEY??

I don't think they're real. Everything I've seen alludes to the fact that they're homemade... for now.

Not seeing Cranberry flavour among the options.

Because K finished it ALL!!

Vodka For Now.


lol @ your tag: If I throw up, will you hold my head :)

I can't see why that vodka WOULDN'T be real.

Vodka Rainbow?

Because K finished it ALL!!

What do you say when you've drunk all the vodka?


Puke a rainbow!

Taste a rainbow.


OT (What a shocker!): Jennifer and others, spam left a comment at my place -- SMUGLY LECTURING ME IN ITS EXPLAINING VOICE.

However! It did give me the opportunity to re-read that comment thread and I'm dying laughing. LOL

I think we need flow charts so we can follow all of the old threads. I vaguely remember some of those comments, and I made more than I should have.

I am, however, glad that Drew set us all straight!

I know! I sorta remember the Barry Gibb thing but not really. LOL

Also, Got your point, Drew!

So typical of how the internet is these days. As if I was making fun of old people!

Go away world, and leave us to our fun blogs where good clean fun is to be had.


I know, I saw nothing mean-spirited in that, but hey... what do I know. Actually, now that I think about it, I think I wrote a slightly pricklier post about Senior Day at the store. I have to be in the mood...

Drew will be over here next... just sayin'. :)

Drew is actually hawking (hawking? is that right?) a retirement home in TX. So, I do believe it really was a spam-type comment.

Reading the post again, I guess I could have been more politically correct. Didn't mean any disrespect tho, jeez.

I'll read your prickly post now.

Yeah, it looked like a spam comment.

I remember that one! That was a great post. I'd STILL like to know why older people don't have to eat as much. That hasn't started with me yet... darnit!

Because at some point they develop the metabolism of a turtle... and move about as fast. :)

Spam that lectures. Wonderful!

yeah, you whippersnappers should be more respectful to us elders.

Go away world, and leave us to our fun blogs where good clean fun is to be had.

No kidding.

But if 'good clean fun' is ever in evidence at teh Empire, it will be time to start a new blog.

Reason: This Websense category is filtered: Sex.

Apparently big brother is making me miss a good comment section over at Empire.

it was probably Bastard's "Sexy Robot" comment.


la Vodka for now!!!

it's not candy, but....

Mental effect of candy vodka consumption (artist's reconstruction):

it was probably Bastard's "Sexy Robot" comment.

What's wrong with being sexy?

Strange to think of Vodka having flavor.

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