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January 09, 2012


OMG, he OMGed.

(All the little birds sing...)


You're still banned, thundra...

I'm thinking of a blog post, "Parts is Parts."

McThunder Nuggets...

Heh. Sounds like a fun post... I won't be there.

Being a huge Gil fan, I think he would be pleased.

Yes, I think he would.

Insert horrible thing here.

Oh my God, that's my favorite thing ever. Ever. Ever. v Ever.

Everybody know you freaky.

Blvuvev Gvirvlv.



I am going to watch it again v now cuz I am so stressed out that it's vvvvvvibe makes me calmer. (In a physical way---the message? Doesn't make me calmer. I totally agree with and its point and it will be the downfall of society on Dec 21,2012!)

it will be the downfall of society on Dec 21,2012!)

...That and the zombies.

But perhaps I say too much.

But perhaps I say too much.

Race traitor.

I don't think zombies get "loose lips sink ships."

BG- here's one to calm your nerves... less speaking, more singing.

Oops, the above link was misleading... the above link is to a Gil Scott-Heron song. I was thinking of his since the above was inspired by him.

I totally agree with and its point and it will be the downfall of society on Dec 21,2012!

I keep thinking we'll all be so bombarded by it that maybe we'll go back to some level of normal. I hope.

I just had a random thought... do they still call it a beaver shot if the beaver has no pelt? I'm sure Urban Dictionary would educate me on the new terminology...

If anybody sends me a picture of their junk-I always keep it private. :)
I meant to say.. if anybody wants to send me a picture of their junk, I'll keep it private. a special folder.. no no! Not a special folder, someone might find it in there... Hmmmm... I'll just keep it in my email. :)


Picture of my junk, Laura.

Funny how all guys junk looks the same.
Thank you Zombie! :)

"Guys' junk is all alike; every zombie's junk is junky in its own way."

Are you channeling Mr. Rogers?


What, do they not teach LIT-RAH-CHUR at Fishing College?

LOL @ fishing college. :)

I was thinking of Mr. Rogers' iconic song... some zombies are fancy on the inside... some zombies are fancy on the outside!

Here... listen to the first few moments if you like, but the song starts at 4:00.

I'm too lazy to embed links today.

That's not Aaron Rodgers.

I think Fred spells his without the D.

Oops, you're right.

I would be perfectly happy to go to Fishing College, at this point.

I would, however, throw all my fishy friends back. CATCH and RELEASE!

Comments have been corrected out of respect for Fred.

...and to make me look like a whackaloon.

Nooooo! Because anyone who reads that far will see that I said YOU WERE RIGHT AND I CORRECTED THEM!

This last comment makes you sound like a whackaloon.

I wonder if thundra has a photo of a whackaloon??

I just showed this to the Skimmer. He loved it too.

Did you notice Norman Lear was an Executive Producer on it? I love Normal Lear.

There are Reagan Babies and Norman Lear Babies. I'm a Norman Lear Baby.

Jennifer, how did you find this video?

No! I did not notice, but I'm not surprised. Yay Norman!

I think I saw it on The Huffington Post. I followed some tawdry photo and wound up looking at something good. It was a nice surprise!

It was early this morning, during my first cup of coffee.

LOL just awesome.
I love this so so much.


some zombies are fancy on the inside... some zombies are fancy on the outside!

Feel the sound, pray for rain. For this is the night they ride.

Hello there! I am curious about one thing, could you be so kind and please tell us your place of birth?

As far as I know, I was born on Planet Earth. :)

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