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January 07, 2012


He looks so regal and serious.

Because he is!! :) He was also staring at the lake... he's mega-serious about the lake.

Also... you did an excellent job of capturing his beefmaster hade... And, that far-away, longing look.

And that saggy drool pocket... that gets lower and lower, depending on what food items he might be looking at.

Wow! That is awesome. I love it!!


Aw, how great! Love it! And Jennifer, Zombie *did* capture his essence. I've only seen pics, but I can tell!


Post title has been changed from "smudgie" to "smudgy". I can't spell anymore... and although smudgie may have been ok... after seeing the urban dictionary definition... I'm going for smudgy.

Trust urban dictionary to ruin every possible spelling, every possible word.

BG- He did indeed capture his essence!!

Skirmy little dog?

I have been reading and re-reading BG's comment, and am unable to see where she is insulting me.

I know it's in there, it always is.


Are you nuts?! "Insult" is way too harsh a word.

I kid. With love.

You knucklehead.

Very cool ZRM.


See!?! I can't spell anymore. My fingers and brain don't work together...

I tried to resist, Jennifer, but skirmy was too lonk of a word. Kriatin. It's fress.

This picture makes me happy and sad.

But I do love it. That is just great. Wow, zombies are complicated.

He was also staring at the lake... he's mega-serious about the lake.

Lakes mean ducks!

Pinko... D'oh! All mental blocks have been removed. You'll have reason to be happier come midweek.

Lol @ Lakes mean ducks. :) Yes, lakes mean ducks, and geese, and heron, but... lakes also mean, WATAH!!!! And swimming!!

That's Mr. Handsome up top, in my new banner. Jumping for joy. :)

Good morning. I love that drawing.

Mr. Handsome always wants to make a big splash, doesn't he?

Mr. Handsome usually makes a big splash without even trying. He merely revels in his awesome doggy self.

And, good morning as well.

I just realized I have done twou sketchea now in the "Mr. Handsome And Lake" series.

Orbviously, in this one the lake is implied.

"twou sketchea"

Sheesh. I shouldn't be allowed near the internet.

or else it's a German-Italian language mashup, as Madeleine Kahn in Blazing Saddles would have pronounced it.

Yeah. I'm gonna go with that. Germalian.

I just realized I have done twou sketchea now in the "Mr. Handsome And Lake" series.

Oh that's right! You did!! Where's the link? I'll have to find it.

"twou sketchea"

And to that I say... lonk Kriatin. :)

Or maybe, "Klaatu barada nikto."

Oh wait... that link would most likely be to one of your now defunct blogs... Pffft.

Didn't you post it here, too?

I found one of your charcoal sketches, but they were your animules. I cannot find Mr. Handsome Diver, other than photos I took.

LOL @ Germalian.

I'm so tired!!!

I did, however, find this!!! And this!!! Speaking of Germalian...


Fish must have turned comments off on that one...


fish has a questionable past with comments...

fish has a is questionable past with comments...

Edited to be more succinct, and truthier.

I say that as a Friend of Fish.


awesome! I love it.

comments about fish comments are their own genre

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