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January 08, 2012


I see five sparrows and a crocodile peaking out the window across the street.

Halping fish and some birdie pics will be at my place in a bit.

They weren't all sparrows... there was a snowbird (aka, junco) in there. Dark, dark backs, white bellies... There were certainly more on the bush, but I wanted to focus on the ones in light.

10 points for the croc location.

Also, I forgot I had a "helping thundra" tag. It's been added.

I concur though... after looking at it with higher magnification, it does look like I only got sparrows in that shot. Again, there were plenty of snowbirds to be found. We have a bumper crop this year. They prefer the bush outside my office window... and the bushes off the patio.

I thought about taking some bird pictures yesterday too. Thunder is a bad/good influence. We're all settling into middle age quite nicely, aren't we? Uggh. :P

See, I thought that the tree was the croc. And I must say, I'm SHOCKED.
For some odd reason, I assumed you lived out in the boonies somewhere. Far away from the distractions of civilization-a place where you could be "artsy".
You just never know, do you?


Sometimes it feels like the boonies, Laura!

No, I live in an old burb just 20 miles out of Chicago. At some point, Grizzled and I decided a burb might make more sense for needs we had so we moved out of the city we loved. He gets to see it every day for work. I see it as often as I can.

FYI- you can be artsy anywhere!! Even in a post-war, split-level! :)

Your lake house is substantially more boonies, right, J?

Oh... good point. Yeah, definitely. No, the lake mentioned in the posts/comments is not outside of this house. Wait! It's usually in my basement! HA!! HAHA!!

Birdie Partner.

I will turn my speakers towards the open windows so my feather friends can enjoy.

sounds like you live in a dorm, Jennifer.


Oh that is one thing I definitely remember about senior year. I had an awesome dorm room with windows that looked right out into the courtyard, and a pair of large Advent loudspeakers.

So we could play out in the courtyard and listen to the Ramones, Clash, etc. at top volume. And I mean eleven.

And that should have been "feathered friends"... ZRM is rubbing off on me. Pretty soon I'll be talking about lonks.

I moved out of the dorms after sophomore year. Then it was "Green Acres" apartment life for me!!! At least as far as a couple of places were concerned.

Also, thundra... stop talking and get your post up! You promised it hours ago!

So it shall be written, so it shall be done.

Thanks, Yul.



Even cheesier!

Haha, I just watched that one, but decided to go with the Magnificent Seven instead.

I'm trying to think of the big shoot 'em up Western I saw a number of years ago, but it was the Director's Cut, and was ultra violent... I was thinking it was The Magnificent Seven, but that's not right. Maybe The Wild Bunch?? Does that sound right? Sam Peckinpah??

Hey, Jennifer. I've been meaning to add you to my blogroll for nearly a year now. FINALLY got off my ass and did it today.

Funny story...a few months back, Substance said something along the lines of "there's a really neat, smart, funny artist and you should link to her. Her name is "Jennifer."" I was like, "Duh. She's the first person in my blogroll." You'll never guess who it was. He, oddly, never bothered to clarify. But, fucking A, am I ever glad to finally have the "Jennifer" situation figured the frick out.

BTW, how are we living in a world without a kooky sitcom called "2 Jennifers"? Someone needs to make this happen, STAT.

Oh, I am assuming that the second croc beyond the right-hand most chimney is not counted because it has sunglasses on.
"Two jennifers, One Bat" writing it now

Hey there, VS. Welcome to the madhouse! :)

AK- no bat chat here!! You know better, but good call on the second croc!

Note to self: Put Substance's check in the mail.

I'm just not seeing a crocodile.

However, there are several zombies in the house on the far right. They don't show up in the photo, of course, but that's their designated post at this time.

Maybe The Wild Bunch?? Does that sound right? Sam Peckinpah??

I just tried posting the final shootout from that movie, but Typepad disappeared it...

ZRM- had you picked the house straight through the bushes, I would have said you were dead on... or undead on.

I just tried posting the final shootout from that movie, but Typepad disappeared it...

You don't have your Peckinpah badge, do you, thudnra?

I didn't try for any shooting or archery merit badges.

But we had some pretty good firecracker and bottle rocket fights...(good thing no parents were around to witness those).

Also I think those birds are up to something.

They are collaborating with the squirrels.

they'll wait for my basement to flood again... and then they'll make their move! They're probably in cahoots w/my dogs...

It's a conbirdracy.


It's an Axis of Squeevil.

I love this picture. I wish I had something cleverer to say. :)



Jennifer, I love your bird pic too! You and thunder need to have a Bird-Off.

I'll judge! (Zombie can't cuz he'll cheat)

Patiently awaiting Zombie's comment about giving me the bird.

he'll gnaw on the birds

I like the Axis of Squeevil!

If thunder and I have a bird-off, we're waiting until I can get up to the lake for heron nest action!!!

Not much meat on a sparrow...

do zombies like birdbrains?

I know the Dryocopus pileatus is about to show up here, Jennifer.

Am I supposed to be jealous??

You played the heron nest chip, so I searched my wallet and said, "maybe something will turnip soon."

I see your Dryocopus pileatus and raise you a Ardea herodias.

This is a crappy photo... I was not in the canoe at the the time and could only get so close, but... if you open it and make it as large as you can, and see all of those white dots in the treetops... those are blue herons, in their nests!

The treetops that are on the island in the middle there... not the other surrounding trees.

And even better is when one of them saunters on to the lawn and says, "Hey... (with a knowing look)".

I have a problem with my pics all slanting to the left.


TMI, thunder...

Jennifer, how do you link to a pic like that? I have one I'd like to show you.

BG- go to your dashboard, open up library (at the top), open up File List or File Something... That page allows you to upload a photo. Upload it and then open it by clicking on it in the list, then copy the photo's URL. Voila!

Ugh, can't find them. But I know they're in my library. I got some awesome shots of herons and their nests a few years back. I'll look again in the morning! You'll love 'em.

Thanks for the instructions on how to do that, too.

Oh good! Do share! I love their nests on this island because the look like Dr. Seuss creatures! At the right time, there are a bazillion. You can take you boat right up to it, but the herons also share it at times w/surly geese. :)

I'll remind you to post it if you forget... You could do it on your blog... I think you still have one. :)

Did somebody say shirley geese?

Thunder! YUCK!!!

Just wait until I post my "DOE!" pic.

Hint: it's a leg.

Thunder is banned. BANNED!

You've earned your Banned Badge now. Feeling good? Good.

forgot cloning for dummies tag.

Pffft. I put up birdy pix long before Mr. Thundra was on the scene...

♪ Bannnnnned on the run from the scene ♪


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