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January 16, 2012


A certain prog-rock band has you covered.

Also sounds like you are in the well-documented 'program bloat' phase of architectural development. I would estimate your dream studio at a bit under 8,000 square feet at this point.

I would estimate your dream studio at a bit under 8,000 square feet at this point.

No, no, no, no!!! The beauty of this place is that even though there are connected "stores", they don't take up any real space. Geesh!

OK, sure. It's just that The per square foot cost goes from $75 to $200,000 with construction that utilizes a TARDIS.

Are you certified in TARDIS design/construction?

Well, since it is also a time-travel device, I can't imagine how it will pose a problem.

Also, it is marginally more reliable than the Riddled Time Machine, but certainly less cluttered with empty ale bottles.

And bimler!

Jennifer, I, too, suffer from Just-in-Case-itis. When we were cleaning out closets to move, I would just tell the Skimmer, "Don't even tell me what's in there, just chuck it! Unless, of course, it's *anything* that means *something!* And if it is *anything* that means *something* don't tell me about that either cuz then I'll just spend hours sifting through it and staring at it."

Your Exactly What You Need Right Now Closet sounds awesome. And so does your Exactly What You Need To Eat Right Now" Fridge.

Jennifer, ZRM and I have been over at Brando's wondering where you were. I thought you might be in line for the rest room, but you've been in your Dream Studio!

BG- I'm even worse with the girls' stuff... I keep thinking, what wonderful little thing of theirs, that meant the world to them, am I going to pitch!?! And they'll look back and will go, "If only Mom hadn't thrown out XYZ, I would be successful now!" :) I know though that they don't want their full past of stuff... Can you imagine? Having to traipse around like with ALL of your possessions? I have a sister-in-law whose mother did save EVERYTHING! I was amazed. Fortunately my sister-in-law has a HUGE basement.

If I ever figure out how to make the closet and the fridge, I'll let you know. :)

I'm lol'ing @ If only Mom hadn't thrown out XYZ, I would be successful now! but I DO understand the sentiment.

Get this. I was in a nice second hand furniture store over the weekend that's right up the road. They always have GREAT little finds and I was on a hunt for... something. More junk, I guess. Behind their counter they had these HUGE original painting. Maybe 4' x 6'. Four of them. Original oils of Spiderman comic book covers. A woman had commissioned them from an artists when her son's were young. They had always hung in their bedrooms. Now that her sons are grown -- SHE IS SELLING THEM.

I could not believe it. Those paintings were awesome. They should be handed down to her grandchildren!! Or her great grandchildren!!

I could not imagine chucking them.

Hopefully she asked the grown kids if they were OK with that!

I can think of many things my mother tossed that I would love to still have! And then there are the things she didn't, where you look at it and go, "Why'd she keep this??"

I love second hand stores... I always know I'll find something interesting... whether I buy it or not. There are so many stories in there!

Young Zombie's at the age where he just wants to chuck everything from his childhood. Of course, we are keeping things....

The green hand image that shows up as my avatar in some places is from a hand cast I did at 5 years old, that my mother kept and turned up when we went through the things she kept.

Hold on to that stuff, ZRM! Over Christmas break, Blue Kid was looking at pics and other stuff from his childhood like they were the olden days. He even told my mom that The Skimmer and I were so stylish BACK THEN.


Yeah, Jennifer, this store is a good one. We sold some of our furniture in there that wouldn't fit here. It's like a real furniture store, all merchandised and everything, yet most of it is "slightly" used. They have a desk in there right now I would kill for!

The only reason I hesitate to go in there is that the owner is a total snob.

That's so awesome about your hand cast, ZRM!!

Back then!!

EL was watching something the other night where the 40-50ish parents kissed and she said, "AH! Old people love!"

I wish my girls wanted to chuck more. There are things I know I will not chuck, even if they say so, but I also know, I can't keep everything, nor would they want that.

EL was watching something the other night where the 40-50ish parents kissed and she said, "AH! Old people love!"


It makes me happy they feel that way, though. I tend to think kids grow up so fast these days and miss so much of their innocent childhoods with 24/7 media, etc. that it's good to hear that they still think that stuff!

BK's friend was down here visiting a few weeks back and he and BK are totally into Seinfeld right now. But, he said that when it was first on and he'd be running around and would hear that "slapping bass" he'd be like, OLD PEOPLE SHOW'S ON! :)

1) Class-planning

2) Finishing work I've promised

3) Getting 3 specific projects to their next level of development.

4) Jennifer Dearest will not tolerate speedra videos in her closets!!!

That's so awesome about your hand cast, ZRM!!

Pinko says I'm complex.

so it's not full of ... monsters from the imagined future.

Hey now.

Oh Jenniferrr! GE would like a talk with you about fridges
and a map of the fridge allows the owner to keep an inventory of what foods are in each section and how long they have been there. Now all you have to do is find $15,000.

oops, its LG. Whatza difference. Check out the popular article that means that you'll never have to drink warm beer again. Have to mind you, I hate that.

I would like to be able to push a button and all of the things I'll never need again, will never use, will never think of, will just be GONE!

This button needs some sort of sighting-and-launching device attached to it.

AK- maybe I need a Star Trek Replicator... I'm sure that will be less! ;)

Substance- do you have a suggested range?

If he says "through the internozzles" I am in trouble.

Substance- do you have a suggested range?
Well PLANETARY at least.

oh god my mother-in-law saved so much...I should just blog it. She whipped out these ridic ancient toys for B. Like this plastic cow on wheels with a pull-cord. I cannot even describe how NOT MEMORABLE this toy was. totally broken down. SHE SAVED THAT FOR 35 YEARS.

and yet that doesn't get her down at all. dragged out the old rusty radio flyer wagon and B LOVES IT. so it's all TOTALLY JUSTIFIED.

LOL @ She whipped out these ridic ancient toys for B. Like this plastic cow on wheels with a pull-cord. !! :)

I love that B loves her old rusty radio flyer wagon!

Tetanus on wheels!!

it really is. you can't sit in it without a towel down.

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