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January 20, 2012


My dad isn't quite as old. But the assisted living thing...I know nobody likes to think about it, but consider that perhaps the alternative might be crashing a two ton SUV.

Happy birthday Saying Grandpa!

LOL! He'd be Saying Opa. :)

This must be very tough for you.

I want that shirt...

I might have that shirt in the closet of unfortunate, awesome shirts.

Thanks, J, for this post.

That shirt was/is SO not my father's style, but I think my mother bought it as a nod to the times. I believe he only wore it once. I'm guessing it's long gone.

He did love a good guayabera though!

Yes, that smile is terrific. Smiling is good for us, I think!

great post J. I think I have something in my eye

Happy Birthday to your Dad. It must seem weird hearing that when, in some ways, he's gone. :(

I'm so sorry to hear this. I can only imagine how hard this is on you. Thunder is right though-while assisted care isn't anyones idea of a perfect solultion, it's better than the alternative... to which, I (of course) have a story for you...

My Dad's oldest brother had the same thing. My cousin, his son, just kept him living at home by himself. (my cousin had a house built right next door-it was a farm).. anyhow, my uncle started getting out. He would walk right into town! I have NO idea why my cousin didn't put him in a home or at least, get home care in. One morning my cousin went to check on him-he wasn't there. It was winter so he followed the boot prints in the snow. They took him to the highway where he found police cars, and an ambulance. Just before sunrise my Uncle walked out onto the highway and was hit by a car. Killed instantly of course.

So take heart. Even though you don't feel "good" about where he is, know that you are doing the VERY BEST thing that you can for him. I'm sure that he would understand and thank you for it.

Big Hugs for you Jennifer.


I'll take the big hugs, Laura! And I know he's where he needs to be, but it doesn't make it suck any less...

I'm sorry about your uncle. That's just horrible.

Smiling is good for us

Yes it is, thundra. :) So are bird pictures, and crazy blogging threads, and random niceness from people you've never met.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I wish I had bad paisley shirts for all of you. :)

"I'm sorry about your uncle. That's just horrible."

I know eh? That was a bad crushing story. Usually I get off on stuff being crushed. Not family though-I'm glad that I've still got that much heart left. :)

Well, I have crushed the ugly Laura/fish children so.. technically, I do crush family-not ATTRACTIVE family. I still *feel* for the beautiful people.

Wow, what a post... it's hard to see someone lose their independence. Hopefully, the staff at the assisted living community give him some bit of autonomy.

I'm so sorry, Jennifer. Life is so weird and difficult and hard to figure out. Wishing you love and peace and courage and calm and understanding.

it's hard to see someone lose their independence

I have an uncle who's always been a dick and it's hard to see him losing it. Good luck Jennifer.

It's about the toughest thing to experience, Jennifer. I had it happen to my Dad and I really wish it wasn't happening to you.
Old photos are a two edged thing, reminding you of good times but underlining what's happening.
Peace to you and all the families.

Thanks you guys. :)

One of the best meditations on aging.

A lovely and thoughtful post.
Hooray for Opa/


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